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What is kickboxing and what is it for?| healthcareonline

Kickboxing is a very complete sport where you not only train your body. This is because your mind will also benefit if you practice it.

Practicing certain sports is important for live a healthy life and keep us in the best possible condition Going to the gym is one of the best options for lazy people who, if they don’t pay, probably won’t exercise at all. And although not everyone is able to perform certain activities or training routines, But there are many sports that besides helping you stay in shape. There are many advantages for those who practice it.Kickboxing is one of the best examples. And below we explain everything you need to know about this sport.

What is kickboxing?

Kickboxing It’s a combat sport. It combines kicking techniques from martial arts such as karate with boxing. Its origins go back to the late 60s of the last century in Japan and were contact activities that Train your strength and endurance abilities. In the person who practices Most of it is aerobic exercise.

Since the beginning of kickboxing It has evolved and changed to what it is today: a highly recommended physical conditioning program for those who want it. Tone your body while losing a few kilos.. That is the reason why this sport is well received by many women. In fact There are a number of celebrities who have been encouraged to practice kickboxing, and Lindsay Lohan, Naomi Campbell and Katie Holmes are just a few. Celebrities who have already fallen victim to the network of this activity

Woman practicing kickboxingWoman practicing kickboxing

in kickboxing training You usually start with a warm-up run while performing several reps. Aerobic exercise that causes the heart rate to increase Then the session began which consisted mostly of Punches and leg strikes along with blocking techniques.. Although everything depends on the teacher. But you can also use a punching bag to exercise your muscles. Or you can do sit-ups and push-ups with your arms and legs.

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The good point of this sport in case you are thinking of starting is It does not involve a long learning period.In fact Experts believe that training kickboxing for one hour two days a week. Soon you will see good results. It is also worth emphasizing the fact that Pregnant women can practice as well. Thanks to the routines prepared especially for these cases. Because it is very positive in helping them maintain their immune system in good condition through playing this type of sport.

Benefits of kickboxing training

Participating in sports activities is always good for your health. with kickboxing You will not only notice a change in your physical well-being. But also noticed Your mind will feel better too.Below we’ve compiled just a few of the many available. benefit Which you can enjoy if you decide to practice kickboxing:

It is a good anti-stress.It is a good anti-stress.
  • As you define and You tighten all your muscles. Burns a large amount of calories. This happens because aerobic work is high. But it is also a very demanding discipline that must be highly effective if done correctly.
  • You will increase your strength and resistance level. Greatly, because kickboxing is a very complete sport that improves your cardiovascular and respiratory fitness.
  • You will learn new exercises and movements that will help you. Perfect your coordination and reaction skills. Resist your opponent’s moves. In fact, self-defense is one of the virtues you can gain from this sport.
  • Kickboxing is A good ally against stressThe sports that use the most adrenaline are the ones that leave you feeling calmer after the game. Therefore, kickboxing will help you deal with routine problems better and increase your self-esteem. Because learning how to move will keep you safe and confident.
  • This kind of sport Helps increase concentration and reflexes. of whoever practices it This is because it is necessary to always be aware of the opponent and his movements in order to respond in time. The attention we pay plays a huge role in avoidance and mental disconnection. Therefore, the benefits are not only physical. But also the psychological side.
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kickboxing routine

If after all this information You thought you and Kickboxing could start to connect for the first time. In the following lines we propose Simple routine in four steps It’s different so that you can do all the work as if you were in a monitored session. First, you can start with kick and punch To the front and to the side, alternating one leg and the other. This is to avoid possible injury or pain. Don’t kick from high places. But your legs should not be too far from the ground.

Promote good concentrationPromote good concentration

then try fist bumpStand closed and clench your fists to throw them forward, alternating both hands. If you feel capable You can turn, make small jumps, advance and retreat. Increase the difficulty level and at the same time making various movements Perfect and sharpen your coordination and concentration skills.

Then you can proceed. Evasive movement. To do this Stand in front of a mirror and imagine your opponent is about to attack in front of you. Catch your fist, dodge moves and spin, crouch, jump, and kick and punch as if you were defending and defending yourself. and to further develop your skills with kickboxing and resistance. It is highly recommended that you jump with a rope.. As with other sports, such as boxing, you can exercise in intervals. This can be done by alternating gentle jumps with the rope for one minute. and rest another three minutes

As you can see, kickboxing It is a very complete sport. This not only helps you reach your weight goals. But it also gives you several benefits in terms of performance. Even self-esteem and other psychological aspects If you are thinking of starting a new practice. Energetic, energetic, and energizing activities.Then kickboxing might be your best option.

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