Exercise to lose weight after marriage. Learn how to exercise to lose weight after marriage.

When the wedding date is set Brides-to-be start looking for the perfect wedding dress. The bride wants to look beautiful today. Because of this, she also wanted to lose weight. At that time, she worked very hard to achieve a targeted weight loss. But after marriage All of this routine was disrupted. And most girls start to gain weight. 99 out of 100 girls face weight gain after their wedding. So at Health Shots, we have brought you special exercises and weight loss tips that can help you. To lose weight Fitness expert Abhi Singh Thakur believes that any goal (Post-wedding weight loss) can be achieved with regular exercise and starting early.

Incorporate these effective exercises into your daily routine for post-wedding weight loss.

1. Yoga practice

Yoga is an exercise that everyone likes to do and has other health benefits. Many more including weight loss You can do yoga asanas like Downward Dog, Warrior and Child Pose. Follow a routine that includes strengthening and flexibility poses. Focus on breathing and meditation during exercise to reduce stress.

2. Squat

To do this strength training exercise Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then lower your torso by bending your knees and hips. As if you were sitting in a chair. As you do this, keep your back straight. Your knees should not be longer than your toes. Then push through your heels to return to the starting position. Start with bodyweight squats. As you feel more comfortable, gradually increase the resistance.

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3. Burpees

Begin by standing. Then sit with your hands on the floor. Step your feet back to do a plank and push-up. Jump up and return to the crouching position. Then jump quickly from a squat position. Move your arms up. Come down slowly and repeat.

Do a weight loss routine after marriage.
Running and burpees are beneficial to the cardiovascular system. You can try to lose weight. Image: Adobe Stock

4. Plank

Place your arms on the floor. Keep your elbows under your shoulders. The body should form a straight line from head to toe. Tagore told him to hold the plank position for as long as possible. Aim for 60 seconds, focusing on keeping your back straight and preventing your hips from dropping or lifting.

5. Running

Start with a warm-up, such as light jogging or brisk walking, for about 10 minutes, then begin running at a comfortable pace. Focus on proper movement and breathing. Gradually increase the speed to add variety and intensity to your cardio exercises. It can also be increased.

Running and burpees are beneficial to the cardiovascular system. Squats help build muscle and increase metabolism. Planks help increase core strength. Yoga brings flexibility and reduces stress.

What should be considered when planning to lose weight after marriage? (Tips for losing weight after marriage)

to lose weight Don’t just wake up one day and stop eating your favorite foods. Losing weight can be done while enjoying post-wedding rituals and traditional recipes. Just keep portion control and timing in mind for everything.

1. Time Bonding

Just like you choose the right time to lose weight before marriage. And after marriage, you shouldn’t neglect proper time and routine either. To do this, you do not need to lose weight or give up your favorite things.

2. Pay attention to your exercise level.

If your fitness level is low You may need to spend more time exercising regularly. Experts tell Health Shots that it’s important to start early. It can increase the intensity of your workout.

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3. Avoid stress

Marriage is not only a time of change in your marital status. But it is also a time of emotional and hormonal changes. Accept it naturally and prepare for new changes. Only then will you be able to keep yourself stress-free. Stress is also one of the causes of weight gain. Therefore, to lose weight after marriage, it is important that you stay happy and relaxed along with exercising and eating right.

Relieve stress with cocoa powder.
Keep yourself stress-free after your wedding. Image: Adobe Stock

4. Get expert advice

Pregnancy can be one of the reasons for weight gain after marriage. So before starting any exercise or weight loss routine. You should consult a gynecologist. After this, it is also important to consult a fitness trainer, nutritionist or health care professional. They can help create a customized plan for you.

5. Use healthy habits

Starting from the beginning It can help you build healthy habits in terms of exercise and nutrition. Merely deciding to lose weight is not enough. But we must also develop a correct and sustainable way of life. (Weight loss after marriage)
Don’t forget to set weight loss goals. Focus on sustainable dieting Do daily activities and sleep soundly every night

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