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Shahnaz Hussain’s 7-Step Hair Care Routine Will Help Prevent Your Hair Growth – Shahnaz Hussain is sharing your hair care routine for healthy and shiny hair.

When hair is strong and shiny You will feel more confident. But to make your hair strong You will need to incorporate a few things into your daily routine. We are here to tell you one simple and effective hair care routine. With wedding season, Valentine’s Day, and spring all in full swing, it’s time … Read more

What is Cold Plunge?

A cold bath means soaking in a tub filled with water. This trend is quite a trend and many famous celebrities are also seen doing this. But let us know what it is and why it is done. Most recently, a video of a person sitting in a tub full of ice in the cold … Read more

What tips must be followed for hair growth?

Research has found that there is a genetic influence on hair growth. Everything from hair volume to length, color and texture is genetic. Know how genes affect hair loss and hair growth. (Genes affect hair growth) This is generally seen if one of the parents has curly hair. The child’s hair also appears to be … Read more