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High protein diets help to achieve quick results and are easy to follow, so you’ll find all the details here.

The word protein food is being heard more and more. Eating a high-protein diet is fashionable. Because you get fast results But what does this food have that other foods don’t? mostly Ease of compliance and, above all, the elimination of unwanted effects.Basically it consists of Increase the percentage of protein in your daily intake and reduce the amount of carbohydrates.However, this can sometimes lead to health risks. Therefore, the most important thing when starting this treatment plan is to consult a doctor. Know your metabolism and how much excess weight you have and if possible. Turn to a nutritionist to monitor the process..

Protein food It reduces the contribution of other nutrients. But still has complete nutritional valueBecause all food groups are included In addition to fish or meat Protein is also found in vegetables. Therefore, daily menus often combine these food groups with others. always to a lesser extent The main purpose of a high protein diet is Increase protein intake between 1.3 and 2 grams per kilogram of body weight. per day, with recommendations for the general public to consume approximately 0.8 grams.

Foods that contain protein are foods that are nutritionally complete.Foods that contain protein are foods that are nutritionally complete.

Effects of a high protein diet

This formula works because the body uses its fat reserves to gain energy by consuming more protein and less sugar. This, together with the recommendation of eating five meals a day, will help keep the metabolism running. Reduce your appetite and burn more calories.The immediate effects of eating a high protein diet are as follows:

  1. Reduce feelings of hunger: Protein can block the receptors that cause appetite. Therefore, the feeling of hunger is reduced and overeating is avoided.
  2. Increase calorie expenditure during rest: The body requires more energy to metabolize protein than any other nutrient, so the energy expended is greater. It uses 10% to 15% of energy to burn carbohydrates. while using approximately 25% for protein and 30%
  3. Increase muscle mass: When combined with daily exercise Working muscles will grow more and help burn fat.
  4. Improve insulin resistance: This diet may be beneficial for people with diabetes as the sugar intake is very low.
Increased muscle mass and decreased feelings of hunger are some of the effects.Increased muscle mass and decreased feelings of hunger are some of the effects.

These will be the desired results when starting to lose weight. But it’s also important. Consider the risks That means, according to Lorena Afonso Martínez, a nutritionist at the Vithas Nuestra Señora de Fátima hospital in Vigo, “they have no known side effects and contraindications.” The most common risk is something called ketoacidosis. Happened It is a metabolic disease caused by a lack of carbohydrates. Similar to prolonged fasting, that is, malnutrition. Therefore, the health risks can be summarized as follows.

  1. Ketosis: When the body cannot find carbohydrates to burn. It will change to burning fat. and may start the ketosis process.
  2. Development of the disease: If eating this food for too long Chronic diseases can occur especially kidney involvedDue to overload, it must be tolerated to eliminate wasted protein.
  3. constipation: This is one of the most common effects. Therefore, it is important to consume fiber supplements and increase fluid intake.
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Examples of foods that contain protein

To carry out this regulation Each dish must have One-third animal protein and two-thirds vegetable.. Among various animals You will find: all types of meat (chicken, turkey, beef, pork, lamb, etc.) and both blue fish (salmon, tuna, turbot, etc.) and white fish (hake, chicken, cod, etc.).) The same applies to eggs and dairy products. For vegetables: Vegetables (green beans, artichokes, carrots, zucchini, etc.), fruits (oranges, apples, pears, etc.), nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts). etc.) and soybeans The rest of the diet will consist of a small percentage of carbohydrates. It should be consumed at breakfast and in a controlled manner. A daily high protein meal plan might look like this:

Nuts are important in this diet.Nuts are important in this diet.
  • breakfast: Black coffee with stevia or infusion With natural orange juice a bowl of oat bran and low-fat yogurt
  • Late: Part low-fat fresh cheese
  • potion: Grilled fish fillets are paired with boiled potatoes for dessert.
  • snack: 80 grams of walnuts
  • dinner: Two White Omelette with Tuna Serve with a green salad and a piece of fruit for dessert.

How to eat right

Follow a menu similar to the one described above and you will succeed. Lose one or two kilograms per week.But it is important to follow the guidelines. This makes eating a safe and healthy choice. and efficient In order for your diet to be effective You must pay attention to the following instructions:

  • Do not eliminate carbohydrates completely: Ketosis is something that should be avoided. And hence it is important to maintain the total nutritional intake. One option is to reduce your normal carbohydrate intake by 50% and completely eliminate ultra-processed carbohydrates. Choose whole grain options to get fiber as well.
  • Combine food with daily exercise: Protein is the perfect nutrient for exercising because it helps build muscle. Exercise enhances the positive effects of diet. In addition to improving the body and metabolic composition.
  • Choose quality protein: You should always choose proteins with high biological value. This is protein that is lean or contains healthy fats. The best options for meat are turkey and chicken. and blue fish for fish because they contain a lot of omega 3.
Sports without abuse is also necessary for losing weight.Sports without abuse is also necessary for losing weight.

You can follow these instructions. Lose weight and at the same time take care of your health.The most important thing is to consider the benefits and risks of eating this way before starting. Know your metabolism and set goals to achieve. Weigh the experts’ assessments. and carefully track your evolution. By eating this diet and following these recommendations. You will not only reach your ideal weight, but also Change your eating habits for better health. As well as living an active life by exercising every day.

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