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Is fish like Swai good for your health?| healthcareonline

The success of the panga besides the price is also because the panga has no thorns. making it suitable for children

Surely you have probably heard of panga. It is widely consumed in Spain due to its low price compared to other types of fish. The success of pangasius, in addition to its price, is due to the fact that it is boneless and has a slight fish-like taste, which is very good for parents with children. But this success in consumption has led many to wonder if it’s actually healthy or vice versa. It is not advisable at all.

Are Pangasius fish good?

As we have said above. There are many disagreements about the quality of this type of fish in comparison to other types of fish. This fish’s bad reputation is due to the places where it is usually raised. This is because it comes from an Asian river that is famous for its high levels of pollution. Research studies have found that in Swai fish They contain high levels of metals that are harmful to health, such as mercury.

It is a widely consumed fish in Spain.

However, despite these studies But officials point out that the health quality of Swai fish is guaranteed and does not pose a serious danger to living things. Swai fish is like any other food. that are sold in our country It is continuously controlled to ensure that it is 100% suitable for consumption. That is why if you usually buy Swai fish instead of another batch of more expensive fish. You should not worry about your health at any time.

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What are the nutritional values ​​of Swai fish?

Given the success of this fish, we need to see what its nutritional value is and whether it is truly a beneficial food for adults and babies in the home. This type of fish, like other fish, is rich in protein and healthy omega-3 fats. Especially catfish per 100 grams of product. About 14 grams of protein and 1.5 grams of healthy omega-3 fats.

If you compare these nutritional values ​​with other white fish. More expensive fish, such as hake, provides around 17g of protein and 2g of healthy fats. The same is true of sole, so it’s nutritionally much lower than other white fish. however, This does not mean that Swai is an unhealthful fish.

The nutrients the body receives are correct.The nutrients the body receives are correct.

The nutrients your body receives are correct. Therefore, there is no need to discard this type of fish. Therefore it has become popular in the past few years. Therefore, it is a food that you can give to your children. without problem Although it is recommended to choose fish that is more oily. Because the healthy fats it provides the body are amazing. Especially for those who want to grow the healthiest diet possible.

In short, the bad reputation that fish like Swai receive is nonexistent. Although some nutritionists say that Swai fish is not harmful to health and can be consumed without any problems. It is true that the nutrients available are lower than in other white fish such as hake or cod. Although on the other hand there are no bones and its fishy taste is not as evident as in the rest of the fish. Undoubtedly important is a diet based on healthy and nutritious foods.

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