Know these 5 Indian street foods that can help in weight loss. Some Indian street foods can help you lose weight.

We often classify street food into the category of unhealthy food. Did you know that some street foods are both delicious and healthy? It also helps in weight loss. Know some street food

When we talk about street food The first image that came to mind was of tikki being fried in oil. Potato jaat stuffed with spices Or those tense samosas and pakodas? These foods definitely have a negative effect on our health. These things can add weight. You will love to know that some Indian street foods can help in weight management. If you want to taste these delicious dishes and want to lose weight through these foods. (Indian Street Food for Weight Loss) Please read this article. These recipes are easy to make as well.

How does food help in losing weight? (How does street food help in losing weight?)

To lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories than you use. To do this, the most important thing is to eat nutrient-rich foods. Consuming foods that contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber can reduce calories in the body. Eat and drink less food and drinks that are high in calories, salt, sugar, and fat.

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Here are 5 Indian street foods that can help in weight loss. (Indian street food for weight loss)

1 Dhokla (Dhokla for weight loss)

Street food like Dhokla is the most popular in Gujarat. Made from gram flour, it is high in protein. It is light and easily digested, which makes it a healthy choice to alleviate hunger. To improve health Reduce the use of salt and sugar in it. 1 plate of dhokla or 4 pieces of dhokla or 150 grams of dhokla has only 220 calories.

2. Corn chaat (corn chaat for weight loss)

Corn Chaat is a delicious street snack that is popular across the country. Corn can be eaten mixed with anything. Its flavors are amazing, from spicy chaat to popcorn. Both delicious and healthy, Corn Chaat can be made by mixing boiled corn along with bean sprouts, coriander leaves, onions, tomatoes. One cup (164 grams) of Corn Chaat has 177 calories.

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Corn kernels are healthy.
Corn Chaat is a delicious street snack that’s popular across the country. Image: Adobe Stock

3 Paneer Tikka (Paneer Tikka for Weight Loss)

Traditionally prepared Paneer tikka uses a lot of butter. In addition, protein that is high in fat also causes weight gain. Use low-fat paneer to make it weight loss friendly. Marinate with spices and curd and leave for a while. After a while it can be cooked in a pan using less oil. It can also be air fried. This Paneer Tikka is conducive to weight loss. 1 serving has 101 calories or 100-150 grams.

4 omelet (omelet for weight loss)

Omelet is the most popular breakfast in India. Egg recipes are not only delicious. But it is also good for health. Rich in protein, it keeps you full for a long time. To make a healthy omelet You can finely chop spinach and kale leaves. Then mix it with finely chopped onions. A 2-egg omelet will have approximately 170 calories.

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Omelette helps in weight loss.
To make a healthy omelet You can finely chop spinach and kale leaves. Then mix with finely chopped onions. Image: Adobe Stock

5. Cha-om fruit for weight loss

Fruits are low in calories and provide many nutrients. You can prepare a healthy fruit chart by cutting seasonal fruits into small pieces such as guava, apple, papaya, orange along with pomegranate seeds, black salt and chili powder. You can add chaat masala to it. One serving of Indian Fruit Chaat contains 121 calories.

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