Stomach ulcers in children | healthcareonline

Discover the most important things about gastritis or stomach ulcers in children. What should I know? Stomach ulcers are also called peptic ulcers and can occur in children, although they are rare. Although stomach ulcers are closely related to a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), they are sometimes secondary to more serious diseases, such … Read more

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If you are diagnosed with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and have pets Should you get rid of cancer? Pets improve your mood and are great companions when you are undergoing cancer treatment. There is research showing how pet therapy can provide profound benefits during chemotherapy. If appropriate caution is used Having a pet next to you … Read more

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Are you a smoker who keeps this bad habit everywhere? Watch out kids, they won’t have to pay the consequences of your tobacco addiction. Everyone knows that smoking kills. And it’s not healthy for anyone who smokes… But sometimes tobacco addiction is much greater and until misfortune occurs due to tobacco, such as cancer or … Read more

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Although colorectal cancer is more common in the elderly and men, But women can get cancer at some point in their lives. It is usually thought that this type of colon cancer or colon cancer primarily affects the elderly and men. But young people and women are increasingly affected by this diagnosis. Colorectal cancer This … Read more

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Skin problems can occur when a person undergoes chemotherapy. Here are some What can be done with them? Skin changes during the chemotherapy process are normal. You need to know what will happen. When should you be concerned? and steps you can take to protect your skin during this type of treatment. Fortunately, most of … Read more

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You may be wondering why cells become cancerous…why do these abnormalities occur in cells? Normal cells and cancer cells have many differences. What’s also notable is how many “checkpoints” must be missed for a cell to become cancerous. For cells to become cancerous Several factors must occur: Cells must have growth factors that stimulate them … Read more

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