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Spanish scientists have discovered a way to stop the deadliest form of brain cancer | healthcareonline

Spanish scientists have discovered a way to stop the deadliest form of brain cancer. We tell you about these interesting discoveries.

Proteins involved in Alzheimer’s disease protect against some of the most deadly brain tumors. It was discovered by a team of researchers from the CIEN Foundation based in the Spanish capital. The protagonist is TAU, a protein that has turned out to be the main suspect in causing neurodegenerative diseases. to have protective effects that can stop the development of brain cancerAlso known as glioma. Below is all the necessary information about this disease:

What is cancer?

The term cancer encompasses a large group of diseases characterized by the development of abnormal cells. which usually mutate by division or growth. and can appear anywhere in the body Not all tumors are cancerous. But there are other tumors. that grows slowly without affecting vital organs. These are called gentle.

Over the past 20 years, cancer diagnoses have increased steadily, however, as have increasing cases. The risk of death is greatly reduced.. The average survival rate of such a disease is more than five years of life in 50% of cases, although in very advanced cases it is reduced to less than one year.

How is it diagnosed? And what does it look like?

Thanks to medical advances, More cancers are being diagnosed earlier.What is necessary for treatment to be more effective even when you do not have symptoms? Symptoms that arise due to the presence of tumors can vary widely.; From a rapidly growing lump to symptoms such as a continuous cough or gastrointestinal bleeding.

With the advancement of medical technology This allows for faster cancer diagnosis.

However, it must be pointed out that Most of these symptoms occur along with other diseases. That is often found as well.. In general, the diagnosis is different from other diseases. It usually begins with a remembrance; This is nothing more than a medical investigation and physical examination. After that, a series of analyzes and tests take place. like an x-ray

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Finally, histological structure is important. The pathologist will analyze the tumor through a microscope. It is necessary to separate tumor tissue samples and analyze them using appropriate procedures..

Brain cancer and the discovery of the TAU protein

Gliomas account for only 2% of brain tumors. But it is true that they are responsible for 7% of all deaths caused by cancer. In Spain alone, approximately 3,000 people die every year from this type of tumor.

Brain cancer has many stages. It measures the aggression that may occur in people suffering from this disease. Until the third grade, the tumor had progressed only slightly and was relatively It is quite treatable. They are expected to survive for approximately fifteen years..

Brain cancer has many stages.Brain cancer has many stages.

However, if the above level is exceeded. The tumor becomes a glioblastoma. It is one of the most deadly cancers. In addition, existing treatments have low effectiveness. Advanced brain cancer can take the life of a patient in less than 15 months. That mystery from health matters They try to find partial or complete solutions through continuous research.

In any case This discovery by a Spanish scientist is based on a thesis. The tumor’s ability to form new abnormal blood vessels to receive nutrients is essential for gliomas to become more aggressive. In conclusion, is there or not? The TAU protein is required for gliomas to be more or less aggressive.. When the amount of this protein decreases The tumor will become more severe. In contrast, TAU protein is present in less malignant gliomas.

For this research The team used brain cancer samples from 180 patients from hospitals in Spain to experiment with cells from glioma patients. and with mice suffering from this type of tumor It has been discovered that drugs can mimic the protective role of the aforementioned proteins.This is to stop the progression of glioma tumors and ensure that chemotherapy is only used in cases of severe progression. which, as we know, causes side effects to patients. A discovery that opens up new avenues of exploration to find new treatments. which can complement existing treatment

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Do these findings have implications for more than just brain cancer?

I believe so. Scientists who discovered the TAU protein believe it may be the key between Alzheimer’s disease and cancer..As they say One objective here is to understand whether this key thing works in reverse and could provide some hope for the degenerative neurodegenerative disease, which more than 50 million people worldwide suffer from. This is a number that is expected to increase. It will triple between now and 2050 due to current lifestyle habits. But above all is the aging of the population. This is because diseases such as Alzheimer’s are associated with the elderly.

Cancer is a disease that results from the combined effects of genetic and environmental factors.Cancer is a disease that results from the combined effects of genetic and environmental factors.

A disease that was discovered more than a century ago But there is still no effective treatment, despite investment by major pharmaceutical companies. In this type of research Millions of dollars have been spent trying to develop effective drugs..

Is cancer hereditary?

Cancer is a disease that results from the combined effects of genetic and environmental factors.. The probability of having hereditary cancer is very small. It is estimated to occur in only 5% of all cases. Hereditary cancers are the result of mutations in certain genes.

however, Identifying families where cancer may be inherited is very important.This is because family members will benefit from effective measures such as early detection. and even prevent tumors It is common to notice the same or similar types of cancer in different family members.

The most common and deadly type of cancer in the world.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), The most common types of cancer in the world include lung cancer, colon cancer. Prostate cancer skin cancer and stomach cancer.

Although there are many cases But the most common types of cancer are not necessarily the most deadly. However, some cancers accounted for the most deaths in the past two years, according to the WHO.

Scientists who discovered the TAU protein believe it may be the key between Alzheimer's disease and cancer.Scientists who discovered the TAU protein believe it may be the key between Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.
  • The most common cause of lung cancer is smoking.Smoking is responsible for approximately 90% of deaths, a practice that causes nearly half a million deaths each year in the United States alone.
  • Colon cancer killed 862,000 people in 2018.. Directly affects the digestive system, large intestine and rectum mostly. It is a cancer that is strongly associated with family history. It is mostly experienced by people over 50 years of age.
  • Stomach cancer occurs when cancer cells form in the stomach lining. It is cancer that can occur in various areas. of the digestive system This may cause treatment to vary. It depends on which side it will be on.
  • Liver cancer is directly related to the liver. which is the largest internal organ in the body. Because it performs many important functions. So you can’t live without it. The organ is also weak because cancer from another organ can spread or spread to the liver. More specifically: colon and rectum Some treatments for this disease include surgery, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy. or chemotherapy, and many more
  • We cannot forget one of the most common types of cancer: breast cancer.. Most common in women in every country, accounting for 15% of cancers in women. If detected early Breast cancer may be an incurable disease. It remains the leading cause of death in women. Fortunately, survival rates are amazingly high thanks to great advances in medicine.
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Cancer in numbers

One in three women and one in two men will develop cancer in Spain at some point in their lives.This is data from the Spanish Association Against Cancer. According to research, cancer survival rates have increased by 20% over the past two decades.

This improvement in results comes from the development of new early diagnosis methods. and more specific and effective treatment It has been developed based on many studies.This is the driving force behind making cancer a preventable and treatable disease. This association allocates approximately €3 million per year to research into rare cancers. Each citizen has the possibility to participate in these investigations voluntarily through donations.

Research like this makes it possible to find some cancers before they even show symptoms. As a result, this has led to the design of a new generation of treatments that specifically aim to eliminate tumor cells. or identify alternative treatment options to remove the most significant tumor.

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