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Physical recovery from Covid-19 | health care online

Being bedridden for 15 to 20 days means a loss of both muscle and bone mass for the affected person.

Fortunately, many people are able to recover from Covid-19 infection. However, studies confirm that there may be respiratory sequelae in these recovered patients. Other than that Staying in bed for long periods of time slows down recovery and takes time..

Being bedridden for 15 to 20 days means that the person Significant loss of both muscle and bone massIn addition, the patient needs some time for the respiratory system to function properly and properly again.

Mobilizing from day one

Although the patient may be intubated in bed, But it is important to help them move some of their limbs. With the help of a physical therapist The patient must move all limbs every day.

Recovery depends largely on a person’s physical condition.

This way, you avoid excessive bone and muscle loss. This is important so that the patient’s recovery is much better and does not cost much..

recuperating at home

Recovery depends largely on the person’s physical condition at the time of discharge from hospital. In doing this A specialist must perform a physical assessment. and therefore Therefore, an exercise plan must be developed.

If the patient is still in bed Family members should help him do basic exercises on a case-by-case basis. Open or close your hands, move your shoulders, or sit on the bed..

If the patient is able to get out of bed Good recovery should include a variety of exercises, such as getting up and sitting down from a chair. Walk for a few minutes a day. Or place a towel on your feet and push it. As time passes You can start your workout by lifting weights and doing repetitions..

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In any case, the patient’s physical condition must always be taken into account. Patients in their 30s or 40s are not like the elderly..

Consistency is essential to recovery.

Experts agree that consistency is important to regaining any possible muscle mass. In addition to the ability to breathe It is important that patients perform rehabilitation exercises every day. And by itself in most cases

The intensity of exercise should not be too high, although it should be as constant as possible. Only in this way can the person be recovered. If the patient feels too tired Try to reduce the speed and intensity of these exercises. There is no need to run or hurry. in a slow and habitual manner The person will recover physically without any problems.

The intensity of exercise should not be too high, although it should be as constant as possible.The intensity of exercise should not be too high, although it should be as constant as possible.

It is not a good sign that breathing is difficult and The patient has severe breathing problems.. This exercise will try to gradually Returns breathing and heart rates to the levels they were before the virus infected them. Regularly measuring your heart rate is important to know whether exercise is adequate and optimal.

The final objective of these exercises is to return the patient to their original physical condition.. If the person is in poor physical condition at the time of infection Exercise attempts to improve physical condition and increase quality of life.

The recovery of patients infected with Covid-19 is slow and long. But with perseverance and work it can be achieved..

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