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Pineapple diet for weight loss and cleansing the body | health care online

If what you are looking for is weight loss. Pineapple foods are not only highly nutritious. But it will also help you lose a few kilos.

At some point in life, everyone wants to lose a few kilos. Which is why these quick weight loss diets appear to within a few days may cause you to lose between 2 and 4 or 5 kilograms in just one week, even though Many experts do not recommend it. This is because this type of food is low in calories, vitamins, and nutrients. and may be harmful to our health The truth is Many people at some point in their lives intend to follow this type of regime.

However, if we want to lose weight We must be wary of the famous bounce-back effect.This is why these diets are intended for people who intend to make a long-term dietary change. And a great way to start is with these quick meals. How does it start to get the body used to losing weight?Then control our diet but in a more healthy way.

Pineapple, the best fruit

Pineapple is a food that Contains iodine, vitamin C, organic acids and bromelain.It is an excellent source of vitamin C, which plays a role in protecting cells from oxidative stress. On the other hand, iodine contributes to normal energy metabolism and the production of thyroid hormones.

Pineapple is a fruit rich in water.Pineapple is a fruit rich in water.

It is a fruit rich in water and dietary fiber like pineapple. It is famous for its diuretic and purifying properties. This makes it one of the most commonly used fruits in the diet. Aimed at weight lossSimilarly, for those who do not want to lose weight but want to cleanse themselves from within, the antioxidants in this fruit make pineapple considered a detox fruit.

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Suitable for detoxification

This is due to the bad eating habits that we may have at some point in our lives. The body becomes saturated and filled with toxins and fat. That causes damage to our bodies without us knowing. If we do not pay attention to eating We can also eat foods that cause blockages in our arteries and bloodstream, which has serious consequences for our health.

Minerals and vitamins that this fruit provides. Foods that are ideal for the body to “cleanse” itself. and eliminate hazardous waste because pineapple has the ability Get rid of the fluid that we accumulate in the body. It reduces inflammation, reduces volume, and detoxifies the body. in natural form This fruit also contains bromelain, a type of enzyme that aids digestion for better absorption of nutrients and improved bowel movements.

Before starting to control your diet

Pineapple is a fruit that has very few calories. It is not good to take a long time.. This diet is designed to eliminate excess food. And it should not be included in our diet as a gift.

Pineapple diet helps purify the liver.Pineapple diet helps purify the liver.

This food cleanses the liver, kidneys, and pancreas and is a natural alternative to eliminating fluid buildup in the body. and reduce inflammation in the abdominal cavity. This meal Can last only 4 days Because it’s time to lose a few kilos and cleanse your entire body.

What does a pineapple diet consist of?

As we have already said It is important not to maintain this diet for more than 4 days, as it does not provide the body with all the necessary nutrients and calories. When you know this We will comment on what this food is based on. This basically means introducing this fruit at every meal.

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first day

  • breakfast: Two pieces of natural pineapple (It’s important to be natural so we can control our diet well) and a slice of whole wheat bread with low-sugar jam.
  • lunch: Grilled tuna seasoned with a little lemon and spices and two pieces of pineapple for dessert.
  • dinner: Grilled chicken breast with salad drizzled with a little oil and vinegar, and two pineapple slices for dessert.
  • If you’re hungry, you can. inject a drug.
There are many recipes that contain pineapple.There are many recipes that contain pineapple.

Second day

  • breakfast: Whole wheat bread with low-fat fresh cheese and two slices of natural pineapple.
  • lunch: Grilled beef with a little oil, salt and pepper, and 2 pineapple pieces for dessert again.
  • dinner: Homemade vegetable cream with washed vegetables such as celery, asparagus and artichokes, finished with two slices of pineapple.
  • It is usually recommended to use pineapple chunks. half an hour After meals so as not to be very hungry

rest of the week

On the third and fourth day Days one and two will be repeated.. After eating this food You can lose 2 to 4 kg in just four days. However, if you want to do it again, It is recommended to wait at least two months.


Because it is a low calorie food during the days when you must eat this type of food. We can experience feelings of anxiety, hunger, and extreme discomfort due to lack of energy.. Similarly, people with diabetes high blood pressure or have kidney problems, they should not follow this.

For those who regularly take medications, you should know that this fruit can cause interactions with some medications. Make side effects worse It should be noted that this type of fruit It can cause eczema or small blisters. on the tongue due to the presence of acid and bromelain

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