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Foods to reduce triglyceride levels| healthcareonline

It is important to avoid junk food and all foods that contain empty calories, such as soft drinks, to prevent triglycerides from increasing.

To reduce triglycerides as well Healthy and balanced diet The first thing to do is understand what triglyceride values ​​refer to. They are called triacylglycerides or triglycerols and are Type of fat which is in the blood Fat is excess calories stored in the body. And it comes from eating foods or fats that are not healthy. in excess.

Triglycerides will pass. to blood From the organs, liver and intestines, it is transported by proteins called lipoproteins, which are responsible for moving cholesterol through. of blood. It can happen that triglycerides are very high. and increases the risk of heart disease and stroke Or it may increase your tendency to suffer from overweight, diabetes, and other problems. That is why it is important importance Track what you eat

Fat is the extra calories you get from eating an unhealthy diet.

In addition, to avoid these diseases And many more, it is best to lead a balanced life with junk food as far away as possible. This does not mean that it cannot be eaten. hamburger Occasionally But don’t abuse or eat too many french fries. Any food with high fat content

Foods to reduce triglycerides

It’s important to remember to reduce it. Triglyceride levels In the blood, you need to eat foods that are low in saturated fats, as mentioned above. These are some food Things that should not be in this triglyceride-lowering diet:

Alcohol does not lower triglyceride levels.

Instead of eating this Type of food Others are chosen for their good health and will help reduce those high triglycerides. Food that should be eaten must be rich in nutrients. fatty acids Monounsaturated, such as olive oil, or in oils with higher potency. Omega 3Blue fish such as sardines, mackerel, tuna, swordfish, salmon and anchovies. Ideal for lowering triglycerides.

Raw vegetables are recommended to reduce high triglycerides.

I fed him other food as well. should be introduced into the diet Nuts, oatmeal, cinnamon tea, one glass of red wine a day. Grilled chicken without salt, grains, wheat, rice, quinoa, and vegetables (preferably raw so they don’t lose their properties) like broccoli, carrots, chard or spinach. And we shouldn’t forget to eat fruits like oranges. Tangerine or lemon

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Examples of foods to reduce triglycerides

Those people who want Triglycerides are lower You can use the following example as a reference. This will improve your overall health and can help you improve a lot. Quality of life.

It is recommended to include green tea in the diet.


  • Half a glass of skim milk with coffee and without sugar. and 1 slice of whole wheat bread with avocado (Option 1)
  • Green tea with 100% natural rye bread, 2-3 slices of natural tomatoes and a little extra virgin olive oil (Option 2)


  • One orange and a handful of nuts without salt or additives (Option 1)
  • Apple or fruit salad (Option 2)


  • Tomato, onion, pepper and lentil salad for dessert Skim yogurt (Option 1)
  • Grilled chicken breast with roasted vegetables as garnish For dessert, a piece of fruit (Option 2)


  • Low-fat yogurt with a handful of rolled oats (Option 1)
  • Fresh blueberries with low-fat natural yogurt (Option 2)


  • Stir-fried vegetables as a condiment and grilled salmon (Option 1)
  • wild asparagus as a garnish and baked cod with peppers and onions (orOption 2)

How to make dieting more fun?

in order to be able to do more fun In this diet, different vegetables and fish must be introduced into the daily menu. Otherwise, the food will be monotonous and will be slightly left out or skipped. Most interesting to follow. food It’s about creating new things in the kitchen. For example, one day you eat fried mushrooms. with vegetablesAnother day, you can eat baked vegetables and fish. Changing your diet is very important. And especially those foods must be eliminated. more damage It can be produced for the body because although we are not aware of it at the moment, in the long run it may cause various diseases. More serious than this than others if you don’t catch it in time

It is important to maintain our ideal weight.

The same is important. Maintain ideal weight About your own height and figure so that you are healthy not only internally but also beautiful from the moment you eat it. Foods rich in fat These can damage the skin and hair. and vice versa If you eat both of these nutritious foods, you will be better.

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