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The timing of food consumption has become the key to losing weight.

More and more people are putting it into practice. Intermittent fasting or fasting. It consists of concentrating attention on food at a certain time of the day in such a way that it lasts for a certain period of time. no food intake Do intermittent fasting.

Nowadays, there are many ways to do it. But in general, one of the most common ways is Not eating for sixteen hours a day And eat three complete meals in the remaining eight hours. There is also the option of dividing the time into twelve hours without eating and dividing the remaining twelve hours.

These fasts can last up to twenty-four hours as well. In these cases, it must be done with Thorough professional supervision. What should be done in the event that a person decides to carry out intermittent fasting with a pathological condition? However, not everyone allows this because in some cases Strictly prohibited..

Fasting consists of focusing on feeding over time.Fasting consists of focusing on feeding over time.

Anyway, it is advisable. Consult with an expert this fasting plan and see how it develops. If this is good You can continue this and also during the fasting period. The person is hungry.You can try replacing it with coffee, infusion, or water.

Benefits of Fasting

Obviously, the main objective of those who fast is lose weightBecause this is the first effect that occurs. This is because if the person abstains from eating for several hours. Burning fat will be easier for them. Also, the body Doesn’t make the food turn into fat. But it’s in glycogen or estramadol.

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However, it is important to remember that this practice only will be effective If at the time of day you eat You do that by avoiding eating junk food. Saturated food or overly processed food, etc., that is, Intermittent fasting is not beneficial. If after that there will be no food taken care of at all.

Weight loss is the main objective of this practice.Weight loss is the main objective of this practice.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that this technique helps not only in losing weight. But it also helps. Muscles will grow and become stronger.. It also helps prevent sugar problems and stress. It also helps in aging and improves concentration. In summary, these things are not only beneficial for fasting. But also the person will learn to be able to fast. Healthy and controllable foodThere is no need to eat food that is not beneficial to the body and also causes dependency and prevents weight loss.

Dangers of intermittent fasting

Although fasting has many benefits, But it can also be dangerous and negative for some people. Therefore it is important. be careful When starting to use In addition to consulting an expert or specialist in a personal manner first. And at the same time the deadline was not exceeded.

As already mentioned Intermittent fasting isn’t about stopping eating. but about having A period of time per day during which no food is consumed. And another thing is to take the calories needed to maintain normalcy in our body. Therefore, it is forbidden to fast for a long time. Be it a day, a week or a month.

It is not recommended to act without the supervision of a specialist.It is not recommended to act without the supervision of a specialist.

Similarly, in the case of children, the elderly, pregnant women, or people suffering from certain diseases, this is also not allowed as it may put their health at risk and be a cause. The most negative consequences or consequencesIn short, it is It’s important to take care of yourself and know how far your body can go. This is something that can be known better with the help of an expert.

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Feeling dizzy, tension decreased. or even fatigue It is enough reason to realize this. You should stop training this early. periodically because the body is not useful For this reason, the control of fasting must be very strict. Because if not followed, it may cause starvation. The presence of some malfunction or problem.Such as mind, eating behavior, etc.

In summary, intermittent fasting It’s a fact that fasting has unparalleled benefits. However, when it comes to health and nutrition, It is important not to take risks as you can lose a lot more than you gain. For this reason, it is recommended Do not act without the supervision of someone knowledgeable about this matter. And be careful when setting the time. Plus, if you can’t, that’s no problem. Because there are many other options to achieve the same results.

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