Know how to handle balloons in windy weather. -Know how to manage hair in windy weather.

Windy weather can damage your hair. And it can affect your hair in many different ways. In windy weather Your hair needs more care.

Windy season doesn’t just mean cold winds. But it also has a negative effect on the health of your hair. Windy weather can damage your hair. And it can affect the hair in many ways. In this season, people have a lot of problems with their hair. and makes it difficult to do hairstyles This season, your hair needs more care. So let us know with Health Shots today how windy weather can wreak havoc on your hair. We will also know how to handle it correctly. (Hair care in the windy season)

Know how windy weather affects your hair:

In addition to stylish hair wraps and loose knots, Wind also dries out your hair. Dry air can strip moisture from your hair and make it dry and dull. Just as the wind helps dry clothes, Wind can also pull moisture out of your hair. Dry and dull hair becomes more tangled and more difficult to untangle. This results in more hair breakage. at the same time Due to lack of moisture from the hair The hair is therefore more damaged and weak. And the hair began to break from time to time.

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Take care of your hair
No matter how strong the wind is, it can damage your hair. You’ll also know how to handle them correctly. Image: Adobe Stock

Learn how to manage your hair in the windy season here. (Hair care in the windy season)

1. Pay special attention to hairstyle.

We all know how difficult it can be to manage dry, frizzy hair on windy days. Wearing your hair loose on a windy day can make it more tangled and break quickly. An easy way to do this is to tie your hair into a low bun or braid. and for short hair You can style your hair with a silk scarf. Additionally, proper hair care, especially deep conditioning, will not only make the hair soft but also But it also helps make your hair strong and shiny.

2. Use hair oil

In the dry season, massage the oil into your hair thoroughly and evenly. As a result, you will see improvements in your damaged hair. Hair will be smooth and ready to resist cold winds. Regular use of hair serum will help keep your hair healthy and moisturized. Massage your hair with warm oil for 10 to 15 minutes once a week. It also increases blood circulation in the scalp. This strengthens the hair follicles and helps keep the hair healthy.

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3. Don’t wash your hair too often.

When the weather is cold and windy May make the scalp dry. In this situation Some people start washing their hair every day because of the sweat, dust, and dirt that accumulates every day. However, washing your hair every day can make your hair drier and cause your hair and scalp to lose their natural oils. Wash your hair twice a week to retain moisture and natural hair oils. Use a natural hair serum to revitalize your dry, frizzy hair.

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Jaanein Hair Mask How to use
Hair massage. Photo: Shutterstock

4. Don’t leave the house with wet hair.

Don’t go outside when your hair is wet. Especially when there is a dry wind outside. Dry weather damages the hair’s cuticle. This makes wet hair more prone to damage. Even if you’re in a hurry and want to go out with wet hair, tie a scarf to protect it from drying out. And don’t forget that wet hair and cold air together can make you sick.

5. Covering your head is a safe way.

It is very important to cover your hair before going outside during windy weather. Because the hair is covered, the hair is less damaged and tangled. Not only that Dust also doesn’t accumulate on the hair. So you don’t have to wash your hair over and over again. Meanwhile Hair is not dry, damaged and dull.

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