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Find out what menopause is all about. When and why can women suffer from this condition?

Active menopause, also known as medical menopause, is something that occurs as a result of medical treatment. It is not natural menopause, which occurs around age 50, or early menopause, which is natural menopause before age 40. The onset of menopause caused by stimulation is not related to the age of the woman experiencing the condition. But it is related to the cause.This requires specific medical treatment which causes the ovaries to stop producing estrogen.

As we know and have discussed many times at Bekia Salud, menopause refers to the last period or period of menstruation that a woman has in her life. It is the so-called climacteric period, which includes the period of perimenopause. Menopause and after menopause This means that before your period disappears. A woman’s body prepares to enter menopause first. However, when it is stimulated Menopause appears suddenly. and make symptoms more severe: Hot flashes, headaches, mood swingsVaginal dryness and discomfort during sex, joint pain, sudden mood changes, weight gain, and much more.

Menopause occurs in every woman differently for a number of reasons.

However, the onset of menopause in every woman can be different for a number of reasons. which includes age The causes of disruption of ovarian function (that is, medical treatments that induce menopause) and the effects of these treatments. Therefore, the symptoms and consequences will vary from woman to woman and even Some people may have their period again when treatment ends.If it’s something temporary The main cause of medical menopause is the removal of the ovaries. Surgery to remove the uterus This means that blood does not reach the ovaries. and certain types of chemotherapy or radiation therapy

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Removal of the ovaries or after hysterectomy.

Sometimes when a hysterectomy or uterus is removed The ovaries continue to function and produce hormones. However, sometimes blood flow to the ovaries is interrupted. This causes them to stop working and lose their ability to produce estrogen.

Whether the ovarian circulation is interrupted or if it is directly removed We will induce menopause. More specifically, menopausal surgery. This type of intervention is usually performed to prevent the development of ovarian or uterine cancer.

chemotherapy or radiation therapy

Chemotherapy and radiation are used in some types of cancer. especially breast cancer Depends on the type of medicine givenDosage and age of women The consequences of this menopause vary.

Age is a very important factor. This is because not all women who receive this type of treatment will experience menopausal symptoms. But if you’re over 40 years old, it’s more likely to happen. Over the age of 50, ovarian function will definitely disappear.

In people under 40 years of age, ovarian function may recover and menstruation may resume. Probability According to the Spanish Association Against Cancer Between 35% and 50%Especially younger women If they are over 40 years old, these functions can be restored, but only in 11% of cases.

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<p>Efforts are currently being made to design treatments that can prevent premature menopause.

Is there a cure for menopause?

Induced menopause can be treated with hormone therapy. The same is true for women who experience early and natural menopause. However, not all women are able to receive this treatment. Especially if they have some chronic disease. Or it depends on the type of cancer they have. and the nature of the tumor

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As gynecology and obstetrics expert Antonio María Leal Benavent explains, efforts are currently being made to design treatments that can prevent early menopause. For example, surgery should be less severe. or use lower doses of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The reason for reducing the risk of hormonal effects of these treatments is Having early menopause causes impairments in a woman’s life.both physically and emotionally. Moreover, the most dangerous result is the appearance of osteoporosis and other diseases. caused by menopause

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