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Properties and benefits of swimming | health care online

This type of sport besides tones the muscles and helps reduce fat. It also stimulates brain function and helps develop brain abilities.

Swimming is one of the most recommended sports. Because it enhances all physical abilities of a human such as speed, endurance, strength. and even flexibility, this activity A full-body workout that uses most of your muscles and works together to maintain your vital organs. such as the heart and lungs The beauty of this sport is that experts agree that swimming several times a week can improve physical fitness.

swimming features

When we immerse ourselves in the water The body is suspended by the pressure and lack of gravity. At that moment, the skeleton stopped healing itself and began to float. And this fact instantly relaxes the muscles. The truth is that swimming has anti-stress properties on all levels, both muscular and mental. And focusing on our breathing during exercise helps us stop thinking about other problems that may be happening around us. It is a sport that allows you to practice swimming in many different ways.Some are more peaceful than others, which are more expensive to operate.

Swimming has anti-stress properties on all levels.Swimming has anti-stress properties on all levels.

For this reason, swimming is a great activity that will not only help you lose weight. But it also helps tighten the muscles. Makes muscles stronger and longer due to constant water fighting and stretching. This kind of sport is the same. Expands the capacity of the heart and lungs by pushing the heart rate to a higher frequency and forcing resistance. of the body. Therefore, it is not surprising that studies have shown that in 20 minutes of training you can easily burn about 400 kilocalories of energy.

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Physical Benefits of Swimming

  • Swimming is one such activity. It does not affect the bones and joints much. And because of this, training doesn’t cause wear and tear or strain like it does in other sports. In fact, it provides flexibility and makes the muscles more pliable, making the body agile.
  • This exercise Improve body posture In addition to helping resolve back pain that may be caused by problems such as a herniated disc or lumbago, It also helps improve the curvature of the spine. When we immerse ourselves in the water The body will lose 97% of its original weight. Therefore, the back does not have to withstand the muscle tension that occurs when we are under the influence of gravity.
  • Helps relieve symptoms of various diseases such as respiratory diseases. like asthma This is because controlling breathing from continuous drowning in relation to body resistance helps expand the lungs. But swimming is not only beneficial for respiratory diseases. But it is also beneficial for respiratory diseases. Relief of cardiovascular typeSo is cholesterol or diabetes. In general, people with diabetes are more likely to have heart disease. Therefore, exercising while swimming will not only help burn fat that accumulates on the walls of the veins and arteries. It also reduces circulating glucose levels.
  • This type of water sport is Best cardiovascular options for weight loss Because the body has been exercising for a long time. It’s a great fat-burning activity for those who want to strengthen their butt and abs as well as tone their arms. Another advantage is that it allows you to switch between different exercises and tempos. To change the daily routine and prevent If your body isn’t used to it, just practice as usual. Swimming has powerful results that also promote muscle toning. This leads to a better shape and a less sagging appearance.
  • Just like other sports It improves blood circulation by stimulating circulation.It has been proven that this stimulation stimulates oxygen flow through the blood. Therefore, swimming helps prevent varicose veins and heavy load on the legs. In addition, the horizontal position obtained when swimming provides relief from muscle fatigue by default.
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Mental benefits of swimming

As if the physical benefits of swimming weren’t enough. There are other benefits. There are many things that help improve your mood. The truth is This sport can be reminiscent of meditation. In fact, we have to concentrate on our movements, especially our breathing. Emphasizing breathing techniques is the main goal of meditation to calm the mind, and in this respect, the sport can be considered a way to free our minds.

Breath-holding techniques help clear our minds.Breath-holding techniques help clear our minds.

Just like other sports Our bodies release endorphins during training.These are called happy hormones. Its effects last for several hours and help to perceive life in a more positive light after release. As a result, symptoms of stress are reduced. As a result, depressed mood improves. In the same way, Swimming can reduce anxiety levels.Because eating a balanced diet not only helps control your mental health. But the most important role is played by regular exercise.

In addition to stimulating physical and mental well-being, it is also worth mentioning. The infusion causes a higher level of blood flow to the brain.It is activated by taking in more oxygen. The result is Swimming helps restore nerve cells and improve brain abilities. It has also been proven to help increase concentration. For these reasons, swimming It is considered a sport that is rejuvenating in every aspect. And it’s no surprise that experts love starting therapy to rehabilitate both physical and brain damage.

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