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Many people trust weight loss products. But are they really a good option for weight loss?

During the Christmas holidays, it’s inevitable to have meals with friends and family. From Christmas Day to Three Kings Day People eat sweets, nougat, polvorones, ham, and many other common dishes incessantly during these days.

so, The most normal thing in the world is to gain a little extra weight and not have time to burn fat through exercise. If we need a little help losing weight We can use products intended for this purpose. But we have to be very careful with what we use and how we use it. At BekiaSalud, we explain which chemical and natural products are best for losing weight in a healthy way.

Orlistat works by preventing pancreatic lipase from breaking down fat in the intestines.

Chemical products for weight loss

We have all heard about the miraculous ‘fat burner’ pills, they announce them on TV, press and other media but What is the truth in these pills they are trying to sell us? The truth is, they’re not very miraculous and much less healthy.

These pills that we can buy at pharmacies or supermarkets have not been scientifically tested. Therefore, its effectiveness has not really been proven. What can be specified is Most have a laxative or diuretic effect.And eliminating urine or feces from the body can help with dehydration. However, what you’re looking for is dehydration. which will recover a few hours later. What you are looking for is fat loss. And the only way to do that is by eating well and exercising.

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except, Diet pills are available for severe cases. Yes, after a period of medical examination and trying to exercise and diet according to the advice of experts. The person is considered to be obese that is harmful to their health. He will prescribe certain chemical drugs under strict control. In Spain, four products are usually used for this purpose. The most common are tablets whose active ingredient is orlistat or tetrahydrolipstatin. The way orlistat works is by preventing pancreatic lipase from breaking down fat in the intestines. In this way, because it does not break down, it cannot be absorbed and is eliminated through the feces. This means that up to 30% of dietary fat is removed.

at Three other active ingredients used to help people who really want to lose weight are liraglutide, naltrexone, and bupropion. Liraglutide is usually administered by injection and works by releasing insulin from the pancreas. It makes you feel full and controls blood sugar levels. Naltrexone and bupropion work in a similar way. It is given in pill form and its job is to tell the brain to reduce appetite. All medicines can have side effects. And these products are no exception. It is not uncommon for people who take it to have diarrhea, vomit, or feel depressed.

Natural products for weight loss

Know the medicinal effects that plants have Each one has health-beneficial properties and many provide our bodies with the help they need to lose weight. These are easily available products that you can prepare at home. which when combined with eating healthy food and exercising daily It can help you lose weight.

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Cinnamon helps control blood sugar levels. If your sugar levels are balanced You will feel less appetite. And the blood will use fat in the body instead of storing it. You can use cinnamon by preparing it with hot tea.


same as cinnamon Ginseng also helps control sugar levels in the body to maintain good health. however, Its greatest feature is that it is one of the products that stimulates our energy levels the most. Wake up your mind and fight fatigue. Prepare American or Korean ginseng with a few drops of honey or lemon if you want to enhance the flavor.

green tea

The benefits of green tea are many: It is an antioxidant product. Prevent hair loss Prevent cancer Helps treat diabetes… And many more. Of course, one of the features is Accelerates the burning of calories and fat and controls appetite. Green tea is available in most supermarkets and is very easy to prepare.

Know the medicinal effects that plants haveKnow the medicinal effects that plants have

guar gum

If you’re not a big fan of drinking tea or other infused beverages. You can try guar gum, which is ingested by mixing it with water and drinking it in one gulp. Guar gum is a white powder that turns into a gel when mixed with water. This product is extracted from plants. which has the ability to reduce sugar absorptionAnd because of this, a feeling of fullness arises.

This is a natural product that you can try for weight loss. But should not be eaten more than twice a day. As for the chemical products You must always consume according to the doctor’s prescription and remember that None of this can replace the two cornerstones of weight loss: healthy eating and exercise.

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