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The changes that occur during menopause, whether physical or emotional. All affect the disorder known as dry eyes. We discuss this in depth below.

Menopause is a period in a woman’s life cycle that occurs around the age of fifty. This time is very difficult to face.

As for health matters Menopause is the stage when a woman no longer has menstruation.. No egg production before menstruation Menstruation is irregular for a few months or longer, which heralds what is already happening in a woman’s body. There are drastic hormonal changes that affect women’s mental and physical aspects.

Confirmation that a woman has entered menopause occurs when she has not had a period for a year. It occurs mostly in women. The older you are The more likely you are to develop the disease, the more likely you are to develop the disease.

Lack of estrogen causes demineralization of bones.

However, it is normal for a woman to have cycles that occur in irregular ways and for variable periods of time for each woman. Sex hormones, Estrogen is responsible for regulating body temperature..When these things deteriorate It will make women extremely tired. This increases problems in the appearance of bones, skin texture, concentration, emotions…

Lack of estrogen causes demineralization of bones. Causes various diseases such as osteoporosis.It’s important to get plenty of calcium in foods like yogurt and to fill your diet with vitamin D in salmon.

It is very common to hear about hot flashes in postmenopausal women.. The percentage of people suffering from this disease reaches almost 90%. It occurs due to abnormal excretion of estrogen.

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As for symptoms that occur in menopausal and postmenopausal women, vaginal dryness and decreased libido are found.

Considering the effects that occur at the psychological level We can talk about memory problems. mood changes or depression This is undoubtedly the most serious case in this respect. Specific drug therapy must be followed to alleviate these symptoms.

Dry eyes during menopause

A decrease in estrogen causes eye discomfort, burning, yellowing, or watery eyes due to changes in the glands that produce tears. meibomian glands and on the surface of the eye This is because meibomian glands have low oil production. Therefore there is no lubrication..

Feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless in the face of an event give rise to anxiety and feelings of frustration and overwhelm in the face of escalating annoyances.

It’s especially hard for women to endure.

Types and treatment of dry eye disease

Establishing a clear and solid strategy to solve the problem is very important. The specialists involved in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease are: ophthalmologists, endocrinologists and gynecologists. It is a chronic disease. Patients must be consistent and follow the recommendations of health professionals.

There are two types of dry eyes.

– on one side Dehydrated dry eyes are the least common and are associated with autoimmune diseases.such as rheumatoid arthritis or diseases such as lupus and hepatitis, etc.

Treatment for this type of dry eye involves replacing missing tears with artificial tears. To moisturize and lubricate It is recommended that artificial tears be specific to each individual case. And if possible It should be made of hyaluronic acid, and in some cases, it should also contain anti-inflammatory agents. This will relieve the problem without going away.

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-he Evaporative dry eye syndrome is more relevant in women. Menopause and more hormonal conditionsIt is the most common type of dry eye and is linked to the quality of tears. External factors cause the rapid evaporation of tears.

In this case Eyelid hygiene is the key to treatment.. Hypoallergenic wipes will be used for both eyelashes and eyelids. and may be washed with salt water by using heat Liquid fat and secretions are removed.

To offer a reliable and complete diagnosis. Not only must the symptoms be considered. But frequency and variability must also be taken into account.It is advisable to know the patient’s clinical history, allergies, and even surgeries such as using Botox to correct defects in that part of the eye.

The Schirmer test is used to measure tear production. to observe quality We use a slit lamp. Vital stains (fluorescein, rose bengal, lissamine) are used to assess the surface of the cornea. In some cases, tear osmolarity and Corneal sensitivity (aesthetic measurement) or fern test to assess the mucosal component of the tear film Cytology is performed in severe cases..

During the years a woman suffers from menopause, the meibomian glands atrophy..to clean and enable correct new functionality. The exit channel needs to be opened again. and use the probe to the gland

To enhance treatment, it is recommended to carry out frequent sports activities.To enhance treatment, it is recommended to carry out frequent sports activities.

to enhance treatment Frequent sports activities such as walking are recommended… Eating the right food according to a healthy diet with the participation of omega-3 acids, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins is another factor. It would be better if this disease got better.

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in the end Protect yourself with goggles both in the sun and in strong winds.It will provide effective skin care. Dry environments should be avoided and when performing professional activities that require a lot of effort to see. It is recommended to increase the number of times you blink or take frequent breaks. This way we can ensure that discomfort is reduced.

The tear may become worse and weaker. This results in worsening ocular surface conditions in people who wear glasses or contact lenses. Some hormone treatments can have a negative effect on dry eye problems.

Now we know this problem. and know when and why it happened We can deal with it by taking proper care of our eyes and the environment. Only then will we be able to ensure a more normal and livable way of life.

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