What is Buddhist fasting? What is Buddhist fasting?

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fasts every week. A nutritionist tells us what the benefits and side effects of a 36-hour fast are.

The thought of skipping three meals a day on Monday morning can be overwhelming for anyone. must be dizzy or for some people Weekends are all about binge eating and cheat days. But what if we asked you to fast for 36 hours this coming weekend after waiting for so long? Probably impossible for most of us. But it is very easy for British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who strictly observes fasting even while running the country.

In a recent interview, Rishi Sunak revealed that he fasts for 36 hours at the beginning of every week. They begin at 5:00 PM on Sunday evening and continue until 5:00 AM on Tuesday morning. During these 36 hours they consume only water, tea, or black coffee.

Is Rishi Sunak’s 36 Hour Intermittent Fasting Healthy?

As world-class nutritionists say Rishi Sunak’s fast is similar to the strict method of the famous 5:2 diet. This type of intermittent fasting involves eating normally for five days a week. Then limit your caloric intake to 300-500 calories for the remaining two days.

Monks fasting
Monk fasting is a very difficult method of fasting.

The minimum energy required during these fasting days comes from low-calorie drinks and liquids. When the body faces a calorie deficit The body begins to break down stored fat tissue to provide itself with energy. and may lead to weight loss. It is also an ideal time to rest and recuperate from the ongoing digestive process.

Results may vary from person to person. Those who follow it should consider eating on non-fasting days.

Sunak explains that he likes sweets. But this diet is more effective than mindful eating with light strength training. Also, do not eat immediately after fasting.

The Prime Minister said in an interview that “I like sweet food. So I ate some sweet pastries. Plenty for the rest of the week. I love my food I just don’t exercise as much as I used to because of my responsibilities. It was a bit of a reset and detox at the beginning of the week.”

“Like everyone. I started the week with good intentions. And at some point you have to look at reality. “I try to fast one day on Monday after a busy weekend.”

Do monks fast for everyone?

Kavita Devgan, a nutritionist, gives more information on this matter: “The monk fast is a very difficult method of fasting. It’s not for everyone. Unless you have a good understanding of fasting and have tried various fasting methods, you should not be doing this at all.

Especially for beginners Strict fasting for 36 hours can be nerve-wracking. If you have fasted before This indicates that your body is ready for this type of fasting. It’s not just about having support. But you still have to see if your body is ready to pull it off.”

If you are planning to try this type of fasting. You should keep a few things in mind –

Before fasting (things to do before fasting)

Before fasting, eat lots of high-calorie foods. It has the perfect mix of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. so that energy is released slowly and gives you energy for longer

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The correct way to break the fast is also important. Image – Adobe Stock

After fasting (what to do after fasting)

While opening quickly, the correct method is also very important. Because our bodies sometimes do not produce the enzymes needed for digestion, it is always best to skip meals by eating foods that are easily digested. This stimulates your digestive system back into action. Eat small amounts of easily digestible foods to speed up your digestion process. You can have the soup with vegetables or khichdi.

Benefits of Fasting (Buddhist Fasting, Health Benefits)

Kavita Devgan said. “The benefits of this fast are similar to those of other types of fasting. It helps relieve digestive symptoms. Just like any other diet. Fasting by monks gives our digestive process a rest and also helps our other organs. Get to rest too. Helps reduce inflammation in the body and build immunity,

In addition to helping your body Fasting also has spiritual benefits. This means that fasting can increase your willpower. Makes you a more disciplined person. and make you a stronger decision maker.

Side Effects of Fasting by Monks

If weight loss is your goal This fast may not benefit you in a good way. “If you eat a low calorie diet like this Your body will try to protect itself. “Your body can store fat while breaking down muscle or protein,” experts say. Other problems can include restlessness, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and dehydration.

In addition, people with certain diseases such as diabetes and low blood pressure or low blood sugar Or taking certain medicines may be more dangerous from fasting like this.

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