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It’s important to take time to warm up before going for a run. This is to avoid the appearance of pain or injury.

Much has been said about the benefits of stretching before running or jogging. And there are those who think that it should be done only after training is complete. Not before proceeding The truth is that in and of itself, any stretch is possible. Reduce muscle tension Therefore, the movement of the joints increases. In addition, the heart rate increases. And this, combined with the things mentioned above, increases. It means that in the end Stretching before running is beneficial and recommended for everyone.

How to stretch correctly?

As with any other aspect, if stretching is done incorrectly The benefits received will cease. and may even have negative consequences. In other words If it is not properly stretched This will not be beneficial and the person may even. Injured or experiencing some pain comes from bad practice

If you do not stretch properly The person may be injured.If you do not stretch properly The person may be injured.

In summary, to stretch properly Here are some tips you need to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t do that. dryBut the earlier it gets a little warmer, for example, walk or run for a few seconds on the site.
  2. at period Each stretch takes approximately thirty seconds to be most effective.
  3. No need to be in pain. That is, stretching involves tension in different areas of the body, but this not synonymous with pain. If this happens It indicates that something is not right.
  4. Each stretch should include: period Between ten and fifteen minutes
Each session should last approximately ten to fifteen minutes.Each session should last approximately ten to fifteen minutes.

Recommended if you don’t know how to stretch. Ask an expert or expert in the matter who can guide their actions and facilitate learning for future opportunities Although stretching is not a complicated task, But you need to know the different types of exercise. complete in order to start walking or running as prepared as possible

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What muscles should I stretch before running?

Finally, it is important to know which parts of the body are part of the muscles. And which parts need to be stretched before starting to run? It is important for Get a complete warm-up. Pay attention to the different parts. of these bodies Because some parts depend on other parts. And not hurting yourself is enough.

To stretch your quadriceps muscle, grab one leg with both hands and bend it forward.To stretch your quadriceps muscle, grab one leg with both hands and bend it forward.
  • Quadriceps: This area is located on the front surface of the thigh. To stretch, you need to take one leg with both hands and bend it forward, resting it on your chest. Another option is to bend your leg back while holding it with one hand. In both types of exercise Maintaining balance is important. Although it might be difficult at first But it’s a matter of time and practice.
  • Hamstring: To stretch this Just place the heel area on a bench or fence. By creating a ninety degree angle After that, the body should lean forward with the back in a straight position and the hands on the feet. Not everyone is equally flexible, so in some cases the hands will only reach the legs or rollers, but it’s important to give your all and see how over time you can touch the toes. of shoes?
  • Inductor: One exercise to stretch the adductor muscles involves the person sitting on the floor with their knees spread apart and extended to the sides. You need to be as open as possible. Then extend your arms forward and bend your torso. It is important not to bend your legs or pull on your neck.
  • twins: When the legs are straight but slightly spaced The toes should be raised, leaving the heels on the floor. You will need to maintain this position for a few seconds and then switch feet.
  • bottom: The person will lie on their back and have one knee bent against the body. You should leave the other leg stretched out and glued to the floor and then switch.
You can do a more complete session. including shoulder or waistYou can do a more complete session. including shoulder or waist

Although the above stretches focus on the lower body, But we must remember that it is always possible to do a more complete session. This includes other areas such as the shoulders, waist, etc. However, the parts of the body that need to be stretched before running are those mentioned above.

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Finally, it’s important to remember that before doing this stretch, You will need to warm up. This may consist of a relaxed walk or a spot run. Additionally, once the running session is over, Another stretching session is also required. thus avoiding pain or injury.Likewise, this method will help your muscles relax and prevent aches and pains.

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