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Menopause is the last menstrual period in a woman’s life. But what are the causes of menopause?

Menopause refers to the last menstrual period a woman has in her life. The normal thing is that it happens naturally. This is because there comes a time in most women’s lives when they begin to reduce their estrogen production and their bodies prepare for a new phase. The last menstrual cycle before menopause is more irregular. And menstruation is so short that 12 consecutive months have passed without bleeding, it is said that menopause has passed.

That will be a natural process. It usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, although there may be cases of early menopause before age 45 and early menopause before age 40. Early menopause can occur naturally due to a woman’s genetics or due to problems over which she has no control. such as some autoimmune diseases. However, in many cases, early menopause is the result of medical intervention. Then we’ll talk about inducing menopause. Not only can it occur before age 40, but older women who have not yet reached menopause can trigger it.

Early menopause can occur naturally. Due to the genetic inheritance of women or from problems she cannot control

What causes menopause?

Induced menopause refers to the disruption of ovarian hormonal function as a result of medical treatment. This is generally caused by the removal of the ovaries, causing the source of estrogen secretion to decrease or This includes chemotherapy or radiation therapy.Some medicines used to treat cancer can affect ovarian function. Causes menopause, although this does not occur with all medications.

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What will happen when menopause occurs is The body does not go through the first normal period of menopause, which is before menopause. Menopause and postmenopausal age That is, the period before menopause disappears and what happens are the typical symptoms of this period, such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, insomnia, mood changes, headaches, joint pain, etc. It appears more suddenly and violently than this process occurs naturally.Therefore, women suffering from menopause will suffer greatly when entering this stage. and are also at risk for other diseases Caused by a lack of estrogen as well.

The same is true for early menopause. If a woman experiences menopause before age 40, she loses the protective function of estrogen in her body. The main consequence of this is that it increases. Risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosisBecause stopping estrogen sooner will cause bone mass to decrease faster.

After menopause, will I have my period again?

If menopause occurs due to cancer treatment, such as radiation or chemotherapy. Menstruation may return but this depends on age. According to the Spanish Association Against Cancer, if a woman suffering from menopause is under 40 years of age, There is between a 39% and 50% chance of having your period again.And the younger you are, the easier it is. However, for older women, it’s even easier. The highest chance of menstruation returning is 11%.

Women who experience menopause early are often treated with hormones.Women who experience menopause early are often treated with hormones.

Hormone therapy

Women who experience menopause early are often treated with hormones. It’s called hormone replacement therapy. To replace hormones that a woman’s body can no longer produce What it does is reduce menopausal symptoms. and prevent osteoporosis and other diseases that can occur from a lack of estrogen for the longest time Therefore, in some cases, menopause causes the inability to produce new estrogen. This treatment can therefore be used. It always depends on each case.

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however, There are women who cannot undergo hormone therapy.such as those who have had breast cancer or uterine cancer or if you have heart disease, liver disease, lupus, or skin cancer Therefore, in many cases The cause of menopause (cancer) is why it is untreatable. Hormone replacement therapy also has risks for women who do not have these diseases, so decisions should be based on the specific case and followed up. Draw result

In no case can hormonal therapy be used for menopause. It is recommended to change the diet and lifestyle of women. To reduce the impact of symptoms caused by menopause.

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