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It is recommended to wear layers of clothing and use clothing woven with thermal and breathable materials. This helps preserve the heat your body creates.

Sports is one of those habits that are recommended to be practiced at any time of the year without any excuses. Although humans need regular activities, Whether daily or weekly To live a healthy lifestyle which is beneficial to our health. But there are times when it is more difficult for us to motivate ourselves.

precise The cold of winter is one of the reasons we need to return to sports as much as possible.This is especially true if the exercise is done outdoors, such as running. To avoid any excuses, today at Bekia we’ve brought you some tips to follow to keep you cool while running.

You must wear nice warm clothes.You must wear nice warm clothes.

Tips for staying cool while running

  • The most important thing is that you dress in clothes that are warm and lightweight at the same time. So that you can run without any problems. Today, there are thermal materials that can maintain a high body temperature without the need for heavy clothing. It is recommended to wear multiple layers of clothing for additional protection from the cold. This includes wearing caps, hats, neck warmers, gloves, earmuffs, and socks to protect all extremities of the body. Because many experts agree that it is in an extreme state. The more heat we lose,
  • Although it may not seem very important. But in reality The material of the clothes you use plays a fundamental role. The inner fabric must be well ventilated.Because it is the part that comes into direct contact with the skin and sweat. But you should also wear a t-shirt and tights. Protects against cold and has thermal properties.To promote regulation of your body temperature The ideal material for this is goretex, it is not recommended to use nylon in winter.
  • The color of your clothing should be darker if you want to retain more heat.This is because they absorb light rays. However, be sure to use elements that increase your visibility with accessories or reflectors. If you run at night or at dusk
  • If the day is cloudy, humid, or rainy, in addition to clothing Wear a raincoat to prevent water from seeping into your clothes. and resulting in feeling cold
  • Warm up your body before going outside to prepare for the cold weather. Before starting your training session, this way you will go outside with an elevated body temperature. and is more resistant to low temperatures. In addition, When you have finished your daily routine. Stretch in an enclosed or covered area. So that when you stop exercising, the body is less sensitive to temperature changes and is more likely to catch a cold.
  • Experts recommend using the following breathing methods to warm the air before it reaches the lungs: Inhale air through your nose and expel it through your mouth.However, it is not recommended to follow during periods of high concentration.
  • In case of strong wind Start your running session with counter running to increase strength at the start and warm up faster..With this powerful guide When you return from the route You will come back faster with the help of the wind. and the difficulties will be less
  • Another aspect to consider is taking care of the shoes you use for running. It is very important that you use special running shoes and yourself. Adapt to the terrain you will be traveling through. To avoid slipping and falling that may occur. You also need to remember that shoes must be made of waterproof material, through which cold and water cannot penetrate.
  • Food is important because it is how the body produces its own heat. In addition to eating a balanced diet It is recommended that you eat nuts, cereal or energy bars if you want to maintain your temperature. while you run You can carry it in your bag to drink during the race. Because these drinks are not only warm. But it also gives you the energy to keep going. On the other hand, don’t forget to stay well hydrated. Because the cold air makes your throat dry and you need water.
  • Take care of the areas of your body that are most exposed.such as face and ears Keep in mind that cold can damage your skin. Therefore, you should protect your skin with Vaseline or a moisturizing cream that moisturizes the skin or protects it from external elements.
You shouldn't let laziness win.You shouldn’t let laziness win.

Train your mind to run in the cold.

Most of us pass up the opportunity to run in the winter. Because at this time of year we often excuse ourselves by going into hibernation. But how, Power is wanting So feel free to let go of your laziness and think about all the benefits. What to bring to your sports practice Additionally, exercising in winter is one of the best and fastest ways to warm up your body. At the same time, it improves your health as well.

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On the other hand, you should know that muscles and joints become more stiff in winter due to low temperatures. Therefore, it is a good idea to exercise to maintain flexibility. Here we are not just talking about the timing of activities. Because if you warm up and stretch your muscles properly, You are more likely to avoid cramps or spasms by keeping your body moving.Additionally, it has been proven that running in cold weather improves performance due to increased speed. As a result, both speed and durability are increased.

All of this has a positive effect not only on your body. But it also has a positive effect on your mind. As you may know, Your brain releases endorphins while you play sports.A molecule called ‘Happy hormones’ that help relieve stress and anxiety And the effect lasts for several hours after completion, so Even if you have to pay for it initially. But don’t let the cold hold you back.. Bundle up and put on your sneakers because, as you can see, With these simple steps, you will be able to fight it without much difficulty.

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