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Vaginal atrophy after menopause| healthcareonline

50% of women will experience vaginal atrophy after menopause due to a lack of estrogen. Therefore, we should not ignore this problem.

during menopause Women will experience various changes. in her body This made her realize that something was changing. There are many symptoms that can occur during menopause, such as hot flashes. But there are other symptoms. that is unclear or difficult to observe Vaginal atrophy is one of those symptoms that cannot be noticed.Although there are times when a woman is unable to correct herself due to the shame that this disease causes her.

Vaginal atrophy is a disorder that occurs when a woman’s estrogen levels decrease. These are the main female hormones. when in small quantities It will cause a woman’s sexual life to be greatly affected. Because it affects the proper condition of the vagina to be able to have intercourse.

Maintaining an active sex life will help prevent vaginal atrophy.

About 50% of women suffer or will suffer from vaginal atrophy. during menopause Therefore, during the first period when symptoms appear, you should see a specialist who can accurately diagnose hormonal abnormalities.

Influence of vaginal atrophy on sexuality

Sexuality is one of the most affected issues when a woman has vaginal atrophy and is untreated or undergoing treatment. It is so dangerous that some women do not enjoy sex due to a lack of interest in the problems and pain it causes. This is one of the leading causes of sexual dysfunction in women. When a woman enters menopause and has vaginal atrophy. She will have sexual problems due to various problems such as lack of lubricationThis is one of the most immediate and common effects of vaginal atrophy. and directly affects gender From this they receive other things such as pain or discomfort when having sex. This is because there is not enough mucous membrane. Friction of the penis against the vaginal wall May cause cuts or minor injuries. due to lack of lubrication

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Doctors recommend having relatively regular sexual activity. Helps the vaginal walls not lose their elasticity. What would they get if the woman didn’t have sex? In cases where a woman does not have sex in her life for whatever reason. She can use a vaginal dilator which has the same effect and will always help equally.

For symptoms related to sex We must add that it is possible that women may experience incontinence and pain when urinating.

Diagnosis and treatment of vaginal atrophy

First of all, it’s important for women to be clear that vaginal atrophy is normal. In fact, 50% of women will experience it during menopause and even at other times in their lives. So, at least if you suspect something is wrong, The best way is to see a doctor. Without thinking that it would be embarrassing or unimportant.

female doctorTalk to your doctor about your vaginal atrophy and don’t take it lightly.

When women go to the gynecologist He would ask her about her symptoms to see if they might be related to her age and daily habits. When experts believe it may be vaginal atrophy He will examine the woman. He will examine the vaginal walls using a speculum. To see what symptoms there are and collect a sample of vaginal secretions to prevent any type of infection. It is possible that patients will need a blood test to measure the level of estrogen in their blood to confirm the diagnosis.

When it was learned that the woman had vaginal atrophy The level of dysfunction must be determined so that it can be treated in some way. In the case of slight atrophy, it is sufficient for use. Vaginal moisturizers and lubricants Moisturizers are used in the same way that we use creams to moisturize other parts of the body. They are used regularly, making the vaginal walls no longer sensitive to friction.. In the case of lubricants, they are used in the period before sexual intercourse. They will replace the lubricant that the woman is supposed to ejaculate and that she is currently not. Piercing will not be as annoying and painful as before until now.

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The most severe cases are given. hormone therapy that attempts to replace estrogen that is missing from a woman’s body It can be administered as a patch or tablet. Results usually do not take long to wait. Due to the effectiveness of the medicine, the symptoms of vaginal atrophy will gradually decrease.

Doctors also recommend that women with this disorder follow the healthiest lifestyle habits as possible. It is recommended that you eat a balanced diet, exercise, and stay as far away from evil as possible. Is it tobacco or alcohol? This is because they will only cause estrogen levels to drop faster.

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