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There are many people who include this food in their daily diet due to its benefits and medicinal properties.

exists Many legends What is convenient and what is not related to the consumption of individual fruits? There are many people who think it is necessary to peel. while others There is a theory that consuming the peel on its own is not risky. But on the other hand, they received more benefits.

However, the truth is that It is usually most beneficial to eat the fruit with the skin on since then. They are eaten along with many vitamins and nutrients.However, many experts have investigated and concluded that, first of all There isn’t much difference. While eating fruit with or without peel And second, in some cases, is it more advisable to peel this food?

The truth is As a general rule, eating fruit with the peel is most beneficial.

Especially the skin of the fruit should retire When any of the following situations or circumstances occur:

  • If the skin of the piece It is not considered edible.such as bananas, kiwis, pineapples or the like, they not only cause problems due to their roughness and texture when eaten. But I also don’t like the palate.
  • when cannot be washedThat is to say, sometimes fruits cannot be soaked in water to wash before eating. In these cases It is recommended that the skin be removed for safety reasons.
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What does the skin of the fruit help with?

The surface of the fruit It helps a lot from fiber. which helps improve digestion Aside from being an indispensable and ultimately necessary feature for any living being, this is one reason why, if possible Fruit should be eaten with the peel.

But it’s not the only one because of vitamin A and vitamin C. It is an additional component found in the peel of many fruits that is lost if peeled. In the case of vitamin A Its benefits are based on its antioxidant properties and improvements in the immune system. While vitamin C helps the organism become more resistant to certain problems. It also helps control blood sugar levels. Improves plants and prevents certain diseases.

On the other hand, it was also found that people who consumed a piece of fruit had the peel. Be more full What if he did it without her? So this is another reason why not remove the peel from these healthy foods.

In conclusion,

it can be concluded that eating fruits with their peels while washing them is more beneficial to health because It uses some features. The same thing. As long as the piece is washed and can be eaten. However, for those who cannot eat this food with the skin removed, either because of its oily texture or because they do not like it, do not be alarmed because the benefits will be many and only a small portion will be lost. A higher percentage is the presence of participation of fibers

It is recommended to eat the fruit with or without the peel.It is recommended to eat the fruit with or without the peel.

In conclusion, it is recommended to eat fruit with or without the peel. In fact, the World Health Organization recommends eating about 400 grams every day. This requires no effort as fruit can be consumed at any time and even. It is included in many different dishes. Or they present themselves in many different ways, so there’s no excuse not to encourage fruit to be a part of anyone’s diet.

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food hygiene

In addition to deciding to eat fruit with or without the peel, It is also important to be careful about hygiene. In other words Any piece of fruit must be soaked in water before consumption to avoid any risk or infection. As a general rule, these foods should pass certain controls and be in good condition. However, this does not always happen. So we have to do Release them through the water. This will ensure that any bacteria or dirt that may be stuck is gone. And even more so when pregnant women are the ones who will consume the fruit.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that today in many supermarkets or food stores you can already do this. Buy a plastic bowl or cup. It comes with the fruit cut and served ready for consumption. However, this fact does not guarantee good hygiene either. Because many cases have been revealed due to poisoning. Therefore, it is recommended to wash fruit every time you buy it, regardless of its condition.

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