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Even though many people think so But complex carbohydrates are key to any diet.

Despite what many people think, complex carbohydrates are essential and key to any diet.

There’s nothing wrong with consuming complex carbohydrates.

They will give you a lot of energy and have quite a high satiety power. So you won’t feel that horrible hunger. The above mentioned method of cooking carbohydrates is the key to avoiding excess calories. which can later be billed per kilo

How should you cook potatoes?

How you cook your potatoes will affect how many calories you can eat. Next, we’ll tell you how to cook potatoes so you can eat them without worrying about gaining weight:

  • If you bake or cook with the skin removed It only has about 80 calories, so it’s great to eat when you’re on a diet and You want to lose a few extra pounds.
  • If it’s frozen and you fry it in advance It will make you About 275 calories or so..
  • If you decide to cut and fry, you should know what to expect. About 380 calories
  • What you should avoid at all costs are the famous potato chips that come with them. Nothing and no less than about 500 calories.

Potatoes help relieve hunger.

It depends on how you cook the potatoes. They will more or less satisfy your appetite. Cooked or boiled potatoes are not the same as fried potatoes. This is because the glycemic index varies and the way the body absorbs carbohydrates can be fast or slow.

  • If the potatoes are cooked or grilled The glycemic index is low. Therefore, potatoes will satisfy your appetite more. It is also low in calories and Provides many nutrients such as potassium or folic acid..
  • If the potatoes are boiled with the skin on The glycemic index is moderate. and will lose some nutrients dissolved in water
  • Fried or mashed potatoesIt has a high glycemic index and is much less filling than grilled or cooked food.
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How to cook pasta

How you cook pasta will affect how your body absorbs it and If there are more or less calories

If you decide to cook pasta al dente You should know that pasta is digested more slowly and satisfies your appetite more. It also provides much fewer calories than cooking for longer.

In case you choose to cook more than necessary. It is digested much faster and causes more weight.. In one case as in the other It’s very important to put them in cold water when you’re done cooking. This way you can ensure that the body absorbs the powder slowly. and will not cause blood sugar levels to increase

What should be clear is that if you want your pasta to be less fattening, it should always be eaten al dente.

What happened to the rice?

The same thing that happens with potatoes and pasta will also happen with rice. If you want to reduce the calories of rice You should cook it and then refresh it with cold water. This way, you will reduce the cooking level. and they are digested more slowly It is best to let it cool and then place it in the refrigerator.

The way you cook pasta also affects how your body absorbs it. How you cook pasta also affects how your body absorbs it.

as you have seen There’s nothing wrong with consuming complex carbohydrates.As long as you know how to cook How they are prepared and cooked will have a huge effect on how many calories they can provide to your body.

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