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Focus your efforts through planned routines that focus on the areas of your greatest concern to achieve the success you desire.

bottom It is one of the most frequently exercised areas in any exercise routine. especially in women The reason is because aside from the abdomen, it is also the area of ​​a woman’s body that tends to accumulate the most fat. The purpose is therefore often to be concise. Eliminate cellulite or increase the volume of these muscles which is something that can be done Thank you for your continuous work. and many exercises stimulate this area.

to achieve the desired results The first thing to do is Create a concrete action planIt includes an exercise table and weekly routines. By providing rest and space to exercise other muscles. and cardio exercise, next is Set specific goalsRealistic and can be done Because the butt is a muscle, it may take time to reflect results. and may result in loss of motivation. But getting the body you want isn’t the only reason that pushes you to exercise your butt. There are other benefits..

The buttocks are considered one of the areas with the most fat accumulation.

Benefits of Butt Exercises

Increase volume, tone, eliminate cellulite, reduce fat… All of these goals are often what motivates us to exercise.However, the results of regular training with butts as the protagonist go further than that:

  1. Prevent injuries: A sedentary lifestyle results in certain muscles exerting too much force to perform the movements that the butt is supposed to do. Sitting for hours without training in this area results in our back pulling. and especially our lower back to perform various postures in daily life Excessive exertion over time can be detrimental and lead to injury.
  2. Improved performance: Exercise for the buttocks will improve your ability to play sports. You will gain strength and endurance in other exercises. more complex and intense The routine should gradually increase in intensity so that once the muscles are worked out, Early exercise It’s like the wind.
  3. Correct posture: Management of various gluteal muscles It will make us sit or walk with the right posture. If your routine includes elements like a Pilates ball or a bosu. It will greatly improve our balance. We will also help reduce lumbar or cervical pain caused by poor posture.
  4. Increase bone density: When we get older Our bone mass will decrease. Which is why it’s important to prevent and prevent this from happening through exercise. Having a strong butt will help you avoid injuries or pain in the future.
Stretching and cardio exercises are a must before the session.

Routine for the perfect butt

To achieve an increase in muscle mass in the buttocks, that is. The important thing is to be consistent.But aside from creating a workout schedule that might be repetitive or not enough, in this article you’ll find the perfect routine to perform. Very dynamic and complete training.. You can combine this dynamic to the maximum. Three days a weekLeave rest days between each exercise to allow the muscles to rest and increase volume.

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15 minute cardiovascular exercise

What better way to start off your workout than by warming up your muscles? Whether it’s running Elliptical trainer or cycling The objective is Prepare your body for the next attempt


It’s common for people to dedicate time to stretching at the end of a workout. But I forgot to stretch at the beginning. Just dedicated to 5 minutes Stretching can help avoid discomfort or injury.

Squats are a great exercise for working your butt muscles.


With this classic exercise You can start by exercising both your butt and your legs. Squats, or squats, involve standing and lowering your body until you’re squatting. Keep your back straight. The ideal is to do three sets of 20 reps each.. To do it correctly Your legs must be as wide as your shoulders. And when you bend your knees, they shouldn’t go beyond the line of your feet. There are several squat variations you can do each day to make your training more enjoyable.


This exercise is simple and easy to do. You can also exercise your buttocks and quadriceps muscles. to be correct Your feet must be parallel and your body straight. Then you take a step forward, bending your back knee without touching the floor. The front knee should be bent at 90 degrees without extending beyond the toes. You can also do three series. But this time repeat 15 times each..

There are many exercises that will help you get a strong butt.

jump rope

You can introduce cardio to make it more efficient and burn more calories when combined with exercise. A good alternative is to jump rope for three to five minutes. In addition to exercising large muscles Serves to tighten the buttocks.

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Bridge or pelvic floor lift

This exercise focuses on strengthening the buttocks. It consists of lying on your back with your knees bent. Keep your feet and hands close to the floor. From this position, you will lift your hips by contracting your glutes at the end of the movement. Another type of bridge is done with one leg or by opening and closing the leg as it ascends. Do 3 sets of 20 reps each..

hip abduction

Lie on your side from a comfortable position. Open your hips with your knees extended. It is important to maintain a slight flexion angle of the hips forward and toes down to allow for a greater contraction of the gluteal muscles. To make the exercise more complicated You can wrap rubber bands around your legs to provide more resistance.. Repeat 15 times with each leg, divided into 3 sets.

It is important to vary your exercise and intensity to achieve good results.

Leg lift

This exercise can be done by lying face down and tucking your buttocks. Then lift one leg slightly off the floor. Do this stretch for about 20 seconds, then do the same with the other one. Until you can do 15 reps, each in three different series. Another option is to perform the exercise by alternating face-up and lifting one leg without letting both legs touch the ground. In addition to using the buttocks You’ll also work your lower abs..


Before finishing exercising Don’t forget how important it is to stretch your muscles. In addition to helping the muscle fibers and avoiding horrible pain, will help you relax.

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Tips about daily routine

This routine is just one example of what can be done to tighten and add volume to your butt. The basic thing is to change both the method of exercise and the intensity. This is because gradually the body will get used to it and it will require more concentration to work. Remember to never give up and persevere, only then will you achieve your goals..

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