What is codeine and what is it used for? | health care online

This medicine can be taken with other medicines and is often prescribed to treat pain or reduce coughs due to the common cold. It is highly addictive. Codeine is a medicine prescribed for treating cough because of its antitussive effects. However, its main use is aimed at reducing pain to a mild or moderate level … Read more

Four medicines that can affect driving| health care online

Most medicines usually have side effects such as drowsiness. Normally, most medicines or medicines taken have side effects or side effects that require close attention. In addition to vomiting or nausea, which are the most common,Another of the most common effects that occur is drowsiness. This has dangerous consequences when driving or operating heavy machinery. … Read more

Is it normal to observe when using progesterone suppositories?| health care online

If you are taking progesterone suppositories you may notice a slight staining. Do you have anything to worry about? Progesterone supplementation is available in many forms. And women eat them for a variety of reasons. Like almost all medications, progesterone therapy is associated with specific side effects. Some of these side effects occur only with … Read more

Opium Addiction and Abuse| health care online

Opiate addiction is a chronic or long-term illness that can cause health or social problems. Opium addiction is a Chronic or long-term illness that can cause significant health, social, and economic problems. to drug addicts Opium is a type of drug that acts on the nervous system to produce feelings of pleasure and relieve pain. … Read more

What is levofloxacin and what is it used for?|health care online

Levofloxacin is a medicine used to treat various diseases… We will tell you more about this drug. at Levofloxacin It is a drug that is often prescribed to treat a variety of conditions. In fact, levofloxacin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, that is, it acts against a large number of bacteria. This antibiotic belongs specifically to … Read more