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How should I store medicine?| health care online

To prevent the medicine from deteriorating, you must know how to store it. We will tell you!

In general, everyone tends to Stash medicine in a cabinet or drawer at home.. May not be the most suitable method for storing medicines.

Where should I keep my medicine?

How to conserve medicines and where to store them is important. Keep the active ingredients intact and able to act. as they were created When these drugs are stored incorrectly These medicines can lose their effectiveness. Therefore, it is very important to store medicines in a cool, dry and, above all, safe place.

How to conserve medicines and where to store them is important.

Incidentally, the most frequently used places to store medicines are the least suitable, such as the bathroom or kitchen cabinet. This is likely the point where humidity and temperature fluctuate the most in your home. The medicine should not be stored in the premises. that may come in contact with a heat sourceor an area that can receive a direct light source And of course, it should be kept well out of the reach of children.

The safest place to store and preserve The medicine is:

  • in the refrigerator : Many types of medicines such as Vaccines, eye drops, certain antibiotics Children’s syrups or sedatives that need to be mixed with water and have a limited time to consume are best kept in the refrigerator. To make sure this is the case Whenever you buy a new medicine You should check the package insert carefully for the manufacturer’s instructions on storage instructions.
  • at room temperature A: Most medicines can be stored at room temperature. Except for the medicines that are listed or that we have mentioned in the previous point. Drugs that require lower temperatures have conservation indications. That is why it is so important. Read the leaflet carefully in each case. and always store medicine in its own container
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Other Conservation Tips

When looking for a suitable place to store medicines, we must Consider some aspects.

    • Things that should be kept in the refrigerator : They must always be at that temperature. And in any case Avoid damaging the cold chain. Therefore, If you have to travel And you have to carry your medicine with you, you will have to find the most suitable method. You can use a travel refrigerator and make sure that the temperature reaches the same temperature that you have in the refrigerator.
    • Keep out of reach of children. : Medicines should be stored in a place that is inaccessible to both children and pets as well as the elderly who may have trouble recognizing the medicine they should take We recommend using a container, such as a plastic box with a safety lid. which you can store on a high, inaccessible shelf.
    • Keep the original packaging. : It is very important to keep each medicine in its original container. It is important to keep the leaflet in its packaging so that it can be consulted whenever necessary. Finally, I recommend Write the date on the box. Where the medicine was started and what it was prescribed for. This way you always know what each medicine is for. And when it’s no longer necessary You can then dispose of the drug in the most appropriate way.


The correct way to dispose of medicines that no longer work is to take them to the pharmacy.The correct way to dispose of medicines that no longer work is to take them to the pharmacy.

It is also very important. Taking into account changes in ambient temperatureThat is, during the summer months when temperatures increase significantly. In this case, we may need to relocate the medication so that it can maintain the appropriate temperature without overheating.

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How should I dispose of medicine?

When a medicine reaches its expiration date, that is, it has expired, it is essential to discard the medicine to avoid consuming outdated medicine. This can be dangerous due to certain medicines. They can become toxic at the end of the day. of consumption

It is important to be careful when disposing of medicines that can no longer be consumed. It’s not worth throwing it in the trash. And that is something that is still done in many homes today.

The correct way to dispose of medicines that are no longer effective is: Take them to the pharmacy and use Sigre points.In this way, drugs that are no longer useful receive appropriate treatment for their disposal. So we can be sure that it will not harm the environment.

At the Sigre point, both medicine and All containers and materials that come into contact with medicine. In this way all elements can receive the necessary environmental protection. Under no circumstances should recycled containers be used to dispose of medicines. That is, even the cardboard of the boxes and the plastic of the packaging have to be thrown away at the Sigre point so that they can undergo the necessary disposal.

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