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Most medicines usually have side effects such as drowsiness.

Normally, most medicines or medicines taken have side effects or side effects that require close attention. In addition to vomiting or nausea, which are the most common,Another of the most common effects that occur is drowsiness. This has dangerous consequences when driving or operating heavy machinery. Next, we will explain which drugs affect driving more seriously.

Benzodiazepines are drugs used by people with anxiety.


Benzodiazepines are the drugs used by those people. People who suffer from anxiety And they have serious problems when it comes to sleeping. They act on the central nervous system and often cause a sedative effect. As a result, the person is completely relaxed. It is a type of drug that causes extreme dependence. And if mixed with alcohol Sedatives and drowsiness can be dangerous. In addition, taking benzodiazepines can affect coordination of movements. Therefore, it is not recommended to drive while following treatment with such drugs. Reflexes are greatly reduced. It is detrimental to good and productive driving.

First generation antihistamines

First-generation or classic antihistamines are other drugs. that may be dangerous to the body while driving These medicines often cause side effects such as Drowsiness, blurred vision, and hallucinations In the case of second generation antihistamines such as ebastine or cetirizine. The results will be completely different. Although it may cause changes to the central nervous system. Therefore, driving is not recommended either.


Antidepressants are other types of drugs. That makes you discouraged when driving. Nowadays, many people use these types of drugs without paying attention to the side effects. Like other medicines Taking medicine often causes drowsiness. These antidepressants are usually prescribed to people who have serious problems falling asleep and staying asleep. It is therefore the duty of doctors to warn patients that such antidepressants often cause drowsiness and therefore serious problems when getting in and driving a car.

 It is important to be fully informed before starting to take any specific medication. It is important to be fully informed before starting to take any specific medication.

Anticonvulsant medicine

A fourth type of medicine that is not recommended if you are taking a car is anticonvulsant medicine. according to its name It is used to treat neurological diseases such as epilepsy. It has many adverse effects on the body, such as drowsiness, confusion, and temporary memory loss. In addition, if the person has epilepsy. Physical functioning and perception may change. and is harmed in a dangerous manner, so be very careful if driving.

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In conclusion, it must be noted that it is necessary to know complete information before starting to use a specific medicine. There are times when ignorance can cause bad luck. If the person begins certain treatments It is necessary to ask the doctor what the side effects of the drug or medicine are. Most of them will be drowsy so it is not recommended to take the car.. In no case should you self-medicate. This is because experts are ready to advise patients about various side effects. that may be caused by such drugs In the case of taking antidepressants or benzodiazepines It is advisable to look for alternative ways to drive and avoid future problems.

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