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Menopause is a turning point in a woman’s life. If you’re married, you don’t have to go through it alone.

Menopause is a period in a woman’s life where the body stops producing hormones necessary for menstruation. It usually appears in adult women. Between 45 and 55 years Although it can sometimes appear before age 40, it depends on the individual.

This new stage of life is very important for women because it is a turning point that represents a change in their lives. Some people manage it better than others. But in general they all passed. Depression, anxiety, and irritability along with associated physiological changes such as weak bones, weight gain, and harmful cholesterol. Symptoms of vaginal atrophy…

This new behavior can be a daily shock to family members who live with the woman. They often don’t understand what’s going on and can draw the wrong conclusions about their behavior, so below we leave you with the main challenges the couple faces together. and what we can do to fix those problems

1- It is not only a women’s problem.

Couples need to understand that menopause is something that affects both of them, not something that a woman should keep quiet about just because it’s happening in her body. There must be mutual support because it is something that will affect both couples’ lives.

Menopausal women experience symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is something that couples need to understand in order to deal with it together.

The first step is to exercise empathy and try to understand. How does she feel about the physical and emotional changes she experienced?In this sense, communication is important in providing support. A woman must provide her partner with all the information he needs to make his daily life easier and support him properly. For their part, they can also try to find information to provide support. A wife should not abandon her partner and want to solve problems alone.

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2- Deterioration in sexual life.

This is because the amount of hormones women receive decreases. A couple’s sexual life will definitely be affected. less estrogen A decrease in sexual desire occurs in your bloodstream. Other factors include lack of lubrication. Lack of flexibility and pelvic floor muscles This results in increased sexual problems and complications for the wife.

Men must be patient and not pressured. It will only cause more frustration and misunderstanding. Or offer to do non-sexual activities together so she feels like you’re still interested in her and that you want to be there for her regardless of the rest. Just because they have no sexual interest doesn’t mean they don’t need to feel love.

3- Support her in changing her life.

When menopause enters, a woman must definitely begin. Change your lifestyleYou need to start taking better care of yourself. Eat healthy and exercise regularly every day This will help reduce symptoms. that occur each day, such as fatigue or hot flashes You can help her. Go with her into those new habits.For example, you can go for a walk with her and exercise together. If you still have kids at home, then it’s ok and let’s start eating healthy. It’s not like you have to eat vegetables every day. But you have to eat the same thing and not prepare different dishes. We don’t want her to feel any different. Eating the same way she shows her that you share with part of “Her suffering”

Let him see that in reality these changes aren’t bad at all, they’re an excuse for both of you to start taking care of yourself a little more. Actually, men go through little things too. The phase is called “andropause”. It has decreased testosterone levels, which reduces your sexual performance to some extent. (Your desires are often affected as well.) This results in weight gain, hair loss, sleep problems, etc. This condition is very similar to women’s menopause. The difference is that women have more sudden changes in their hormonal cycles. and the effects are more noticeable In humans, the process is slower. And that is why it is not given much importance. But the truth is that it is.

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4- Help her find a new hobby.

As your partner, you can Provide support by offering new vacation options.This will show that you are thinking of her and care about her happiness. If you surprise her with a list of activities that you would be happy to sign up for with her, You will surprise her and she will thank you. If you can afford it It’s a good idea to go on a romantic vacation together with the goal of reuniting. and allowing both the woman and her partner to disconnect from the daily chores of the house.

Encourage her to meet other friends. who are experiencing the same experience It will be good for you to interact with other women. It’s also a great way to renew friendships and disconnect from being at home.

5- Do not ask questions.

We mean that there are times when It is better not to ask why. Your wife does what she does. You might be enjoying a nice evening when suddenly you leave the table in anger. Begins to obsess over unrelated topics, etc. There are times when trying to understand her behavior is not helpful.

Women in times of crisis experience mood swings or mood swings which can upset other family members. This is due to hormonal changes but you have to understand your wife. What if you frequently experience hot flashes, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, sadness, and memory problems? And that’s only at the mental level…

DescriptionHumor is a key component in facing menopause together.

6- Don’t lose your sense of humor.

You can do it as a couple. trivialize Give another perspective It’s not about laughing at her or ignoring her emotions. It’s about trying to get her to put herself in your place as well. Let him see how much his behavior bothers you. There are moments that can be funny. Maybe not at that time, but in half a year. She needs someone who will take her problems away and be happy to make her smile.

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