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The arrival of menopause is inevitable. But what we can do is delay the arrival of menopause by following some simple tips.

Menopause is a period in a woman’s life which Your ovaries stop working. and no longer produce estrogen or eggs. So you stopped having your period. It is caused by hormonal changes in women as the body stops producing estrogen.

Menopause usually occurs during 41 and 55 years In women, even the life span can be extended from 35 years to 59 years, depending on the individual and how they take care of themselves. But generally after 2008 is when they tend to appear. The ovarian cycle becomes slower and slower. Until estrogen is gradually depleted and a woman is no longer producing it.

How can we delay menopause naturally?

during menopause Symptoms that women experience include hot flashes, low libido, joint pain, vaginal dryness, anxiety, and depression. Mood changes, etc. When a woman hasn’t had her period for a whole year. It could be said that she had officially entered menopause.

Regular and outdoor exercise will slow this process down.

Menopause brings many long-term effects. Because we are no longer protected from the effects of hormones. This helps keep us healthy. For example, estrogen facilitates the formation of new bones. If there is no estrogen The risk of osteoporosis will increase. It also controls the levels of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. This puts you at risk for high cholesterol. high blood pressure and less diabetes The skin will be affected as we will lose collagen and increase in dryness.

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First, it is reasonable to think that the later a woman enters menopause, the better for her. Because as long as her ovaries continue to produce estrogen, She will be more protected from these risks than ever before. That is why many women People try to delay menopause as much as possible. It’s a good idea. Because postponing has no negative effects on health, on the contrary. You are protecting yourself by stimulating the secretion of hormones. That protects us. Below we’ll leave you with some tips that can help you delay menopause.

How to delay menopause naturally

delayed menopause It doesn’t take much effort. and every woman can use it The only secret is to live the healthiest life possible. and receive nutrients that can prolong the effects of estrogen. Here are some tips that every woman can follow:

1- Move more!

Regular exercise helps slow down the aging process of various organs. and body in general It also helps with the secretion of the main hormone in the body, including estrogen. Aerobic exercise is one of the things most associated with hormone secretion. It doesn’t have to be very intense or very long. Just 4 or 5 days a week is enough. Even if it’s a brisk walk or jog. which is something that everyone has access to Other exercises For those with more energy, this includes swimming, running, or cycling.

On the other hand, a study published in PLOS One emphasizes that regular self-disclosure. diesel particulate emissions It gradually kills the egg reserves in the rat. And this definitely happens to humans, so if you can and want to. Use a bicycle as your first choice for medium distances. Instead use city buses or cars. Almost every city now has bicycle lanes connecting major points. of the city very well

2- Enjoy the sunshine

We are now in the fall season. Let’s take advantage of the last sunny day and get as much sun as possible. Vitamin D released by sunlight acts as a natural antioxidant that delays menopause. Vitamin D deficiency causes symptoms in many women. According to a study in Massachusetts Apply sunburn prevention cream and get outside more!

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3- Forget about tobacco.

Obviously, we can’t fight genetics. But we can avoid bad habits like tobacco. It has been proven that smoking more than 15 cigarettes a day causes at least menopause. 2 years According to the latest research Take away this fact and other dangers. of tobacco into consideration to evaluate whether continuing to smoke is worth it or not

4- Give your body more soy.

More recently, it has been found that the consumption of this legume in Asian countries is associated with an increase in the end of times. Because soybeans and foods containing soybeans They provide us with isoflavones and phytoestrogens.It is a compound that mimics the effects of estrogen in a woman’s body and can delay the symptoms of menopause. Other soy foods include soy milk and tofu.

5- Eating healthy food.

– Choose to use fresh vegetables and fruits. Especially those that are rich in vitamin C.

DescriptionWe must reduce our consumption of salt and sweets and not abuse them.

-Other useful foods Because they contain high concentrations of phytoestrogens, including brown rice, wheat, onions, cumin, and sunflower seeds.

-Reduce sweets and salt It’s not about eliminating them from the diet. Just limited quantity only

-Also increase the consumption of quality protein, especially from both white and blue fish.

-Cook food with olive oil compared to other types of oil.

-Some grains contain bran that contains phytate. It binds with calcium and makes it difficult for it to be absorbed into the bones. Therefore, avoiding its intake will not delay the onset of menopause. But it helps reduce adverse effects such as osteoporosis that may occur.

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6- Drink alcohol. Is it right?

In general, drinking too much alcohol will speed up the onset of menopause, however, it has been shown that moderate consumption can also be beneficial. But not all types of drinks. They are only fermented beverages. Wine, beer, and cider have heart-protective effects and alleviate menopausal symptoms by controlling their consumption. however, To delay menopause The only drink that had a significant positive effect was beer.With antioxidant power The same is true for soybeans. It contains isoflavones and phytoestrogens that replace estrogen. It also fights osteoporosis as it reduces bone loss and helps in the absorption of calcium in the bones. Moderate consumption for women should be at most one or two drinks per day.

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