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Late menopause occurs after age 55. We’ll explain what happens and what changes you should pay attention to in this new phase.

Feel a wave of heat on your chest and neck. which makes you sweat out every pore. No one felt uncomfortable about the temperature, though. Palpitations that come and go Emotional changes that do not seem to make sense in any facts, words, or thoughts. There is no lubrication like before. And having sex can cause discomfort and pain…in women’s menopause, all of these symptoms The signal is almost unmistakable. that the body is entering menopause

It’s called menopause – which comes from a combination of Greek words.” man ” (month) and ” pause “(Stop) – The permanent cessation of a woman’s menstruation in order to prepare her for her term. Natural end of puberty The body produces less estrogen and progesterone. As a result, the ovaries gradually stop producing eggs. Women are usually considered to have entered menopause. Twelve months after your last period And the most common of these is between ages 45 and 55, although the symptoms described at the beginning of this article considered premenopausal may appear as early as age 40.

Common symptoms of menopause

Although we have briefly described some of the most common symptoms of a crisis, But it’s never a bad idea to remind every woman with a list of things. You can expect from your body when the time comes:

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Hot flashes: As mentioned above, they are very far away. The most common symptoms and menopause earlier It is caused by the expansion of the blood vessels of the skin’s capillaries. This causes a burning sensation in the chest, neck, and face, as well as sweating. They can stay From a few seconds to several hours and was accompanied by general discomfort. Its severity will decrease over time.

Heart palpitations: It is still considered one of the most common signs. Tachycardia is the result of a hormonal imbalance typical of climacteric conditions. and does not pose a risk to health Even if it feels uncomfortable.

Psychological changes: Frequent mood swings, insomnia, decreased libido, and hyperactivity are some of the symptoms that can affect a woman’s quality of life during menopause.

Changes in the figure: This is due to the lower estrogen production mentioned above. Fat then stops accumulating on the hips and thighs and moves to the abdomen. This is why women often see their body shape change when they reach climax.

Hot flashes, palpitations, increased abdominal fat. or mood changes These are some of the symptoms during this period.

Late menopause: what is it?

As stated at the beginning Menopause usually occurs at the latest between ages 40 and 55. However, Every rule has exceptions. And there are times when the climax becomes difficult. Even considering that in the end That is, late menopause. But when will women be considered over it?

Late menopause is considered to occur when it occurs. Over 55 yearsThis is because the body takes longer than normal to stop producing both estrogen and progesterone. The reasons for the delay in stopping hormones may be different:

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Obesity: It’s normal for menopause to take a while to hit women who are highly overweight. The main reason is that being overweight can change the menstrual cycle. Makes the body produce more hormones

Uterine tumors: This type of benign tumor is the most common type of tumor in women. to stop growing The body produces more progesterone and estrogen. This results in late menopause. As seen

Abnormalities in the thyroid gland: As we all know, the thyroid gland is responsible for regulating metabolism. Therefore, when it doesn’t work properly, it affects the reproductive system, including menopause.

Family background: The same is true for other aspects of health. A mother or grandmother may have inherited the tendency to delay menopause.

Multiple or delayed pregnancy: Women who were previously pregnant with multiple babies on the way or who became mothers later than usual They also tend to enter menopause late.

Late menopause: pros and cons

No matter what you think Arrival of menopause and the climacteric process. They are exactly the same. It doesn’t matter at what age this happens. Whether it’s better or worse All women experience the same symptoms. And the level of comfort during this stage is not directly related to age.

 We should not neglect visiting the gynecologist.
We should not neglect visiting the gynecologist.

However, there are differences between normal menopause and late menopause in terms of Related benefits and risks And this is because women who take longer to begin their climax period take more time to produce progesterone and estrogen. It is therefore difficult for them to suffer from health problems related to low female hormone production, such as osteoporosis or various cardiovascular diseases.

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However, these above advantages do not mean that there are no disadvantages. Late menopause also means having Increased risk of breast and cervical cancer But let no one be alarmed, because “more likely” does not mean “certain” by any means. Following a healthy lifestyle physical examination health check and avoid carcinogenic substances such as tobacco Highly recommended action. For every woman If you want to prevent breast cancer Regardless of when menopause began.

new stage

Finally, it is worth remembering that although in the Western world this stage of a woman’s life is stigmatized, the expression “menopause” is often used with a negative connotation. Made synonymous with senselessness and sadness – menopause is Something as natural as having your first period A woman should not think of her as something that destroys her value as a person. In fact, in Japan menopause is called “konenki,” which means “transition into old age,” and is considered a process of change. Going to a new life stage full of possibilities

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