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How to do squats with a fitball| healthcareonline

This is a simple and basic exercise that is repeated over multiple workouts and can be supplemented with accessories such as weights or a fit ball.

For many people, though, going to the gym costs more than usual. But when the body gets used to this exercise And we started eating healthy food. We will start to feel better about ourselves. In addition to the fact that this sport is important source in order not to lose coordination or agilityThe gym offers a wide range of exercises for every taste.

The most famous is SquatSimple exercise This is usually done by most athletes in training. They will exercise a lot through squats. thighs like buttocks. While some people train just to strengthen these muscles But some people train to build their own body. Whether for one thing or another Exercise is very easy. It consists of placing your feet with your feet shoulder-width apart. Use strength on your abdomen and push your butt back while slowly lowering yourself. A simple exercise. This can only be done. with body weight Or add other elements, one of which is a fitball, which has become a basic component of most training exercises.

How to do squats with a fitball

Although at first it may seem like squats are an exercise. Very ordinary In women, the hips tend to be firmer and raised. Men tend to practice this position mostly in sports.

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For those who don’t know fit ballYou should know that initially it was a composition intended for physiotherapy specifically for infants and newborns. Later it was added for Neurological Practice. The truth is that this ball is also very useful when doing squats with the Fitball. Because it causes a lot of instability, which helps. more concentration of users and also helps strengthen muscles.

Here are some squats that you can do with a fitball and help you exercise better in terms of posture.

Support on the wall and on the lubar, place your feet at shoulder level and perform the same movements as with a normal squat. If you want to increase the intensity of your exercise. Hold for a moment when you fall and then slowly come back up. This exercise can also be even more complicated If in the foot part we balance the Bosu, one half is rounded like a fitball and the other is flat.

Another way to do squats with a fitball is the same as described above. But instead of using wall support Another person must be on the other side of the ball. This way, the exercise becomes more complicated because coordination and balance must be more controlled.

This can be done individually or with another person.

Even though squats look very easy, But there are many people who can do it. not working wellBecause body posture is very important during:

Thanks to squat exercises with a fitball on the wall. All these mistakes This can be fixed because the wall helps us maintain good back posture.

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foot position

Feet should not be placed too close together or too far apart. But it should be the same width as the shoulders. Although it may seem silly But this is a very important element because if your feet are very close together you can do this. maintain stability Especially around the hips and torso. On the other hand, if the feet are too far apart, It will cause a lot of instability as well.

One of the most common mistakes is foot placement.

Not aligning your knees

You want to try to make sure that your knees don’t cover your feet as you descend. Because if this happens That means you’re doing the wrong exercise. Your knees must be arranged in a straight line like your feet. An example will be useful. Do you understand? The way to do a squat is to imagine that you are sitting on a low chair.

Arch your back.

With squats, in addition to strengthening the legs and buttocks You also work your abs because they have to be. strictly throughout exercise In this case, you must keep your back straight and not slouch at any time.

while exercising The back must be hard and straight.

Don’t do full squats.

Doing squats well can be a little complicated. This will not be beneficial if you do not descend to the height you are supposed to. or if you are too low There is no general rule as to how far you need to lower to perform a good squat from here on out. Depends on height of a person

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Don’t force yourself to exercise.

It is recommended to do squats first. warm The part that will be carried out with sufficient efficiency

It is recommended to warm up the body before exercising.

Don’t do squats too quickly.

Exercising in this way means that the exercise is not as effective as requested. You don’t have to do it. sudden method Because it will cause muscle damage.

Squats and fitballs are exercises that anyone can do. Among other things, Pregnant women It is used during the pregnancy months to avoid losing shape. Fitballs help women avoid losing balance or stability as their belly grows during the months of pregnancy.

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