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What food allergies are available?| healthcareonline

There are many foods that can cause allergic reactions. Find out what they are.

According to quite reliable and true information, almost 3% of the world’s population suffers from some type of food allergy. There are many foods that cause allergic reactions in people who eat them and cause symptoms such as itching or rashes, and in some cases, can be life-threatening if left untreated. Vela said that allergies


There is no doubt that peaches are the fruit that causes the most allergic reactions in the body. For symptoms of peach allergy Severe itching all over the body, a swollen tongue, and the appearance of hives or a rash all over the body should be noted. There’s a good chance that people who are allergic to peaches are also allergic to plums or apricots.


After peaches, kiwis are the most allergic fruit.The reaction on kiwi is different from the one on peach in that it is less severe and resolves over time without the need for medical treatment.

After peaches, kiwis are the most allergic fruit.


Nuts are one of the foods that cause the most allergic reactions. Especially peanuts and walnuts. Although we must not forget about cashews and pistachios. You have to be very careful as there are many foods and products made from nuts, such as cookies or ice cream.


Shellfish is another food that causes the most allergic reactions among people. You have to differentiate between fish and shellfish. And you can be allergic to shellfish and not allergic to fish. Before undergoing allergy testing It is recommended that you do not eat seafood or fish.

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There are many types of fish that can cause allergic reactions. In addition to consumption Inhaling steam from simple cooking Entering it may cause an allergic reaction.. For the most common symptoms of this allergy. Emphasis must be placed on severe itching in the mouth. Characterized by hives on the skin, difficulty breathing, and vomiting.

Pistachios are nuts that often cause allergic reactions.Pistachios are nuts that often cause allergic reactions.


Eggs often cause allergic reactions in many people these days. The nutritional deficiencies experienced by those with egg allergies can be compensated for by other foods, such as meat, fish, or vegetables, in addition to ingestion. Allergic reactions can also occur upon contact with eggs.


Many babies may suffer from cereal allergies. especially wheat That is why parents should not give cereal to their infants until they are 1 year old. Rice is the grain that causes the most allergic reactions. This causes symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and various rashes all over the body.


Many children develop allergic reactions due to eating milk and other dairy products, such as cheese or yogurt. Cow’s milk is the most sensitive. Although you have to be careful with goat’s and sheep’s milk.

These are the foods that are most likely to cause allergic reactions in a significant portion of today’s society. For this reason, it is important to undergo the necessary tests to avoid potential health problems which include vomiting, severe itching Rash and hives on the skin or swelling around the mouth.

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