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Why do we have hot flashes during menopause? | health care online

Hot flashes are the most well-known symptom of menopause. and may be related to changes in estrogen levels.

Menopause is a process that every woman faces at some point. It involves various changes. A lot for a woman’s body Even though some of it may go unnoticed. There are two basic factors: on the one hand, evidence that the reproductive period is over and you will not be able to have children; and vice versa hot flashes Terrifying hot flashes

Any woman who has gone through menopause or is still in it. I assure you, hot flashes are what she suffers the most. Everyone knows them. We know that they are practically unavoidable, and yet they annoy us greatly. Those little heat attacks that arrive at unexpected moments and are such a symptom.

Something is changing.

We all know what hot flashes associated with menopause are. But it’s not entirely clear why this happens. In this article from Bekia, we propose to try to answer all questions related to the appearance of hot flashes in women.

Eating a healthy diet and avoiding hot drinks can help reduce hot flashes.

Are hot flashes related to hormones?

It is known that menopause occurs because of the woman’s body. When you reach a certain age When you enter old age What was found was that hormones decreased. In the climax period The appearance of the first flash of light warns us of what is about to happen.

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Soon they are accompanied by other changes such as fatigue, depression, exhaustion… All this is directly related to this hormonal change. Hot flashes too?

The simple and logical answer is yes, but really,

It doesn’t seem very clear.There is nothing to support this in this case. And in the past few years The medical community has decided to expand its research. which finally connected the sudden feeling of heat to the heart. Even cardiovascular disease

Hot flashes and heart

There have been several studies and reports published recently that delve into this relationship. Perhaps the most important thing is

Jobs developed in the United States It included about 20 women, aged between 40 and 60, who were in perimenopause and perimenopause. and claimed to have hot flashes every day

Their heart rates were checked and found to be the case while they were suffering from a sudden heat attack.

The parasympathetic nervous system does not function normally.that there is some form Their heart rate changed depending on whether they were having hot flashes at the time. and when women are in the same condition

Studies linking hot flashes to potential heart problems.

They are not very persuasive. entirely to the medical community, which still views them with suspicion, waiting for future discoveries to ratify or destroy this theory.

Initially it was known that

In all practice In menopausal women, there will be hot flashes. Therefore, a relationship with the heart system means recognizing that everyone has some type of cardiovascular disease. This is not only shocking. But it is also dangerous for women’s health.

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Hot flashes are also common during climatic conditions. This way it remains constant before menopause, during and after it. It is a symptom that

Happened for many yearsWhen hormonal changes occur Therefore, they are more related to these estrogen changes.

How long do hot flashes last?

One of the positive aspects of hot flashes, which is perhaps the greatest, is the fact that over time they will.

is losing strength and finally disappeared Therefore, when it is most common it is during the climax and serves as a wake-up call to warn us that menopause is approaching. Once this is done, it tends to subside.

Moreover, it is during the climate period that sudden heat occurs only at night. which comes with a feeling of fatigue due to

Inability to sleep and rest as it should be Over time they expanded to other times of the day. Usually the heat begins to be felt in the chest and throat. up to the head Then it spread throughout the body.

The duration of hot flashes depends on the woman suffering from them. Some have it more frequently and some have it more staggered. Some people only suffer from them.

in the climate and menopause and others From now on as well

A sultry feeling Which may later be accompanied by a feeling of cold. This usually takes about four or five minutes. And it happens several times a day. Sometimes it can last up to half an hour. which increases palpitations Anxiety and great anxiety in those suffering from this condition.

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How to deal with hot flashes

As we have seen, hot flashes occur differently for every woman. And some people cope with this condition better than others. Currently, there is no treatment that can completely eliminate this sudden feeling of heat. But what you can do is try to alleviate it as much as possible.

When related to hormone loss Replenishing some of the estrogen lost with age is one way to combat hot flashes. Of course, this is a treatment under the supervision of a doctor, who must be informed of the correct use and possible side effects.

There is another issue that we can control to make hot flashes less tiring, so try to stay in an environment that isn’t too hot. and if possible It should be somewhat cooler than normal. Wear layers of clothing to make it easy to remove items.

Do not drink drinks that are too hot.. In this way, when a hot flash occurs The sensation of heat is not very overwhelming.

Live a healthy life with regular exercise. Not smoking and eating a healthy diet Can also help reduce hot flashes. Eliminate stress And eventually found myself in better shape during menopause. There are many alternative techniques, such as acupuncture, that can be effective.

Finally, there’s a classic that never fails. The best thing to combat these heat attacks is

Use cool gauze on the face or fan it yourself.So during this life Fans have become an essential accessory for every woman.

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