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Brugada Syndrome | health care online

The disease known as Brigade is one of the leading causes of sudden death worldwide.

You may not know this information.

But Brigade syndrome is one of the leading causes of sudden death worldwide. It is a genetic disease that changes the electrical transmission system of the heart. The problem with this syndrome is that the symptoms are not clearly expressed. This makes a clear diagnosis difficult. The risk of Brigade Syndrome is that people with it are more likely to have severe arrhythmias. This type of arrhythmia requires timely treatment. Otherwise it may cause death.

Symptoms of Brigade disease

As we stated above The problem with Brigade syndrome is that its symptoms are not always easily seen. If the person suffers from this type of disease. They may suffer. From fainting to irregular heartbeat or cardiac arrest.

If this happens, it is important to see a doctor quickly so that a diagnosis can be made that can help certify that the person has the disease. Diagnosis consists of various ECGs. that shows there is a problem in the heart In addition to this There are also several risk factors that can show that a person has the disease. : :

The problem with Brigade syndrome is that the symptoms are not very clearly visible.
  • Because it is a genetic disease Therefore, it is necessary to see whether the person has a family history of such disease or not.
  • This disease is common and occurs more often in men than women.
  • Asian ethnicity is quite prone to this disease.
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Diagnosis of Brigade disease

As you can see, the diagnosis of this type of disease is quite complicated. Not only doubt is enough. But there must be evidence that certifies that the person has Braga da. An ECG is the most effective way to confirm that you are suffering from such heart disease. However, it is not a 100% effective test as some patients cannot demonstrate that they have this disease through the aforementioned ECG.

Diagnosis of this type of disease is quite difficult.Diagnosis of this type of disease is quite difficult.

There is another test that can help diagnose Brigade disease and it is electrophysiological. This test requires an operating room and insertion of a catheter into the body. A catheter is introduced into the heart to record activity..

Brugada Disease Treatment

If it is confirmed that the person has Brigade disease There is no treatment that can eliminate such heart problems. What you can do is prevent cardiac arrest. To do this, a pacemaker can be implanted in the body of a person suffering from such a disease. with this device The electrical activity of the heart is recorded. Deliver an electric shock if a possible arrhythmia is detected.

There is no medicine to protect a person from such serious arrhythmias. Therefore, it is important to do periodic inspections to help you know that everything is in order..

How to live with Brigade syndrome

It has been found that you can live for a long time even with this disease. Important aside from implanting a pacemaker, That is to check periodically. If the diagnosis indicates that the person is suffering from such a disease. The work of a cardiologist is key in monitoring the health status of patients. In addition, such a person must be mindful of risk factors at all times. This can increase the risk of cardiac arrest..

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