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What is dyspraxia? | health care online

Dyspraxia is also called developmental coordination disorder and is usually diagnosed in childhood.

For most people Tying shoelaces or writing does not cause any problems or difficulties, however, people have been diagnosed with dyspraxia. They ran into serious problems when doing so..

This disorder that affects motor development usually occurs in childhood and It must be treated as soon as possible. To prevent this disease from getting worse every year. Next, we will talk with you in more detail about dyspraxia and the best ways to treat it.

What is dyspraxia?

As we mentioned above, dyspraxia Affects a person’s movement and coordination.. Dyspraxia is also called developmental coordination disorder. and is often diagnosed in childhood Although it can occur when the person is an adult due to certain illnesses.

This disorder that affects motor development usually occurs in childhood.

People with this disease have serious problems. in verbal, verbal, and motor skills. In the case of children The problem is much larger because there are problems with optimal learning and development. They find it difficult to hold a pencil when writing or are unable to speak long sentences.

Causes of dyspraxia

To date, the cause of dyspraxia is not known.Some studies indicate that this may be due to certain changes during neurological development in different parts of the brain. In this way the messages and commands the brain sends to the muscles are interrupted. Leads to problems in a person’s movement and coordination..

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This is why dyspraxia is so relevant to your child’s ongoing development and learning. This developmental disorder can also occur. after a brain injury or disease affecting that organ.

dyspraxia class

Dyspraxia can be oral, verbal, and motor. It depends on the movement affected.

  • In the case of motor dyspraxia, the person has difficulty performing various bodily movements. This is the case in writing or dressing..
  • Verbal dyspraxia affects speech. People with this disorder speak slowly and deliberately. Having trouble coordinating words when making long sentences.
  • In the case of oral dyspraxia, mouth and tongue movements are affected. Difficulties arise when eating and swallowing food.

Diagnosis and treatment of dyspraxia

In case you have children and notice some of the symptoms above. It is important to see a specialist for examination.. Speed ​​is important in treating dyspraxia.

Unfortunately, dysprexia cannot be cured.Unfortunately, dysprexia cannot be cured.

in relation to diagnosis It is common for multiple specialists such as a speech therapist or physiotherapist to intervene. When the diagnosis result is positive It’s time to start proper treatment.

Unfortunately, dysprexia has no cure, even with good treatment. The person can live life as normally as possible within his or her own limitations..Treatment should be based on a combination of different treatments to help the person overcome such difficulties in developing motor, verbal, or oral apparatus.

Occupational therapy is perfect when it comes to helping a person move much better.. On the other hand, the job of the speech therapist is to help coordinate so that the child can produce a much better vocabulary. The work of a physical therapist is also important when it comes to coordinating movement. We must not forget to take children to different treatments to strengthen their motivation and self-esteem.

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