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Danger from the rapid spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) | health care online

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has the additional danger of being highly contagious. What should you know about this?

Nowadays, coronavirus has spread across the world due to the ease of spreading between people. In the absence of a vaccine, there are preventive measures that help avoid such infection. It’s all about confinement and hand hygiene.. Because it’s a virus. Therefore, it can spread the virus between humans quickly. Therefore, it is important to have a deeper understanding of everything involved in such transmission. and can end this pandemic as soon as possible.

The transmissibility of Covid-19

We must assume that not all viruses are transmitted in the same way.There are some that are highly contagious, as is the case with Covid-19, and some that do not have a very high transmission rate. When analyzing the transmissibility of the coronavirus Several points must be taken into account:

We must assume that not all viruses are transmitted in the same way.
  • The basic reproductive rate consists of the average number of new cases that an infected person will produce while ill. When this average is less than one unit The infection goes away after a while.On the other hand, if the average is more than one unit, there is a risk that the infection will spread to many people.When considering this information Coronaviruses have a basic reproduction rate of 2-3 units, while in the case of influenza it is only 1 unit. This indicates that the spread of the coronavirus is much greater than that of the influenza virus..
  • Another important thing to keep in mind about coronavirus is the incubation period and the danger of asymptomatic cases in some people. This means that a person can speak the virus without knowing it and pass it on to others.The incubation period is usually 5 days to 21 days, although one week is more common..

    Undoubtedly dangerous is that many carriers of such viruses rarely show symptoms, such as a slight cough or fever. and carry on with their lives without knowing that they are carriers of the coronavirus. This is a great achievement for this type of virus. Because it will cause many people to spread the virus without realizing it..

The importance of coronavirus testing

For all the reasons described above. The famous rapid test has put the spotlight on timely detection of the coronavirus.Ideally, even if this is not done. But these tests should be given to everyone who has been in contact with an infected person. It doesn’t matter if they show symptoms or not.

The problem with this is that viruses spread quickly.The problem with this is that viruses spread quickly.

The problem is that the virus spreads quickly. and for logistical reasons. This type of testing on large numbers of people is therefore very complicated. Unfortunately, today such famous tests are carried out only on people who show very clear symptoms. who have had direct contact with patients infected with the coronavirus.

Although additional tests are expected to begin arriving soon, authorities are recommending them as a preventive measure against the spread of the notorious COVID-19 virus. Confine yourself and avoid going outside. Unless there is a force majeure event.. In this way we try to minimize the spread of infection throughout the population.

definitely, It is clear that the danger of coronavirus is not its death rate.But that great ease must be conveyed and disseminated to all citizens. That is why people need to be aware that they should stay home for as long as necessary. and avoid further spread of the disease.

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