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Natural Antihistamines: Fight Allergies Without Medicine| healthcareonline

When we don’t have allergy medicine Our world is falling apart But there are other natural ways to treat it.

Allergies are something that affects more and more people. and forcing us to always have antihistamines Nowadays it is difficult to find a person who does not develop an allergic reaction to elements such as pollen, dust mites or certain chemical components contained in many products. without food allergies

Antihistamines have become a prominent and essential medicine in many homes. The reason is that if we want it and don’t have it, We will have to face suffering. severe allergic attack There’s sneezing, a runny nose all the time, headaches, and it ends with a general malaise that makes us feel as sick as a serious cold.

For this reason, people who have suffered more than one allergy keep their antihistamines as if they were real treasures. Which is ultimately for their health. When we don’t have it in our hands, we tend to miss it. If there is a natural remedy that can help deal with the discomfort caused by allergies, it is.

In this Bekia article, we will look at what we call natural antihistamines. These are plants and foods that have similar effects to these medicines. Although there are no products of industrial origin, there are powerful enough To combat this discomfort Although they are generally not as fast as over-the-counter antihistamines.

There are fruits and vegetables, such as radishes, oranges, or onions, that can help combat allergic reactions.

When should you use natural antihistamines?

It should not only be used when we don’t have our regular medicine nearby. As we have already said We can include this in our diet regularly. This can help us cope better with allergy symptoms when we suffer from them.

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Although chemical antihistamines work best, But this is not always recommended. Firstly, because there are people who do not want to resort to artificial products of this type, and secondly, This is because there are times when its consumption is not recommended due to possible side effects. And first of all, it can cause drowsiness. Therefore, it is not recommended to consume it if we are driving or going to work or school.

At this point, we must know that in nature we can always find foods and plants that act similarly to certain medicines. So antihistamines are no different. There are many foods and plants that can relieve many allergy symptoms.

antihistamine food

One way to combat a persistent runny nose, other than using nasal sprays, is to use Radish juice. If the taste is not pleasing to you You can mix it with a little lemon and a little water for the same effect.

Garlic, onions, fruits containing vitamin C (oranges, lemons, tangerines, kiwis…) and carrots. They are all foods that are considered natural antihistamines. Therefore, it is recommended to consume them – raw, which increases their effectiveness – on a regular basis. Salad dressing with apple cider vinegar will also help fight allergic reactions.

In addition, carrots along with alfalfa are foods that help relieve these two symptoms. The most annoying allergiessuch as rhinitis and itchy eyes. Quail eggs for breakfast also seem to have a beneficial effect on treating rhinitis.

Food that has Magnesium or Omega 3 It is also highly recommended for people who suffer from allergies and want to fight their allergy symptoms in a natural way. The first substance helps with breathing, and the second has anti-inflammatory properties.

The steam from showering is helpful in clearing our noses.The steam from showering is helpful in clearing our noses.

inflow and vaporization

Another uncomfortable symptom of allergies is difficulty breathing and the feeling that something is blocking our respiratory system. There is nothing better than vaporization to open a passage. The most recommended ones for allergy sufferers include chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, or mint.

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If we don’t have these flowers or trees We can replace it with a long shower or a very hot shower. The resulting steam helps remove toxins and relieve congestion. It can also be combined with aromatherapy using essences and oils.

he aloe vera It is also considered a powerful antihistamine and natural antibiotic. Therefore, applying it to the body can relieve allergy symptoms.

The same thing happens with the consumption of funds, which in themselves seem more restorative than other drugs in case of allergies. Choose green tea, basil, rooibos, or echinacea.

Tips for preventing allergies

In addition to consuming foods and plants that have natural antihistamine properties, There is another set of guidelines that can help us cope with allergies. One of them is avoidance. Consume alcohol And another activity that relieves tension in the body.

Reflexology or acupuncture can also help in strengthening the immune system. And there’s nothing like a walk in nature. Escape from city pollution To relieve congestion and provide oxygen in the lungs

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