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Perimenopause: The transition to menopause.| healthcareonline

One of the times in a woman’s life when hormones change the most is when we face perimenopause. Find out what it consists of.

From the moment we are born Women have to live with constant changes in hormone levels. This will depend on the age that we are. Little or no change One of the times in a woman’s life when hormones change the most is when we face perimenopause..

Perimenopause is the period before menopause.

What is premenopause?

Perimenopause is the period before menopause. In most cases It usually appears a year before our menstrual period disappears permanently. and is a symptom that occurs slowly of menopause, such as hormonal symptoms Clinical symptoms and biological

From a medical perspective Perimenopause consists of that period in which female reproductive organsThat’s the ovary. Produces much lesser amounts of estrogenBut it does not reach the state of void production. It can be said to be a time when women’s reproductive organs begin to slow down until they stop working altogether, which is when we enter menopause.

Perimenopause usually occurs in women between the ages of 40 and 50.Although we find exceptions where from the age of 30 they suffer from menstruation or cases where at the age of 55 they continue the effective functioning of the reproductive organs.

What are the symptoms of perimenopause?

Although it is normal for premenopause to occur about a year before menopause. It will last about 3 or 4 years. It depends on each woman’s body. To know that during this period we are entering the menopausal period and the body is preparing to enter the menopausal period. Are there certain symptoms that are important to know how to deal with the stages women are going through? We can divide them into two large groups. One side is the physical symptoms. And the other side is mental symptoms.

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Among the physical symptoms This woman faced brutal hormonal changes. As your body has to adapt to the new situation for you to notice any changes in your body, your period will be mainly affected. Because menstruation does not come regularly every time. month or every 28 days vice versa Common symptoms such as fast heartbeat cold sweats Hot flashes or headache, red skin, vaginal dryness, joint pain, or vaginal infection. Among other symptoms that may occur during this period

Emotional disturbances are very common in women suffering from premenopause.Emotional disturbances are very common in women suffering from premenopause.

We can focus on the mental symptoms that appear in women during the premenopausal period. Constant changes in your mood. Emotional changes are very common in women entering perimenopause. This is because their bodies are going through drastic changes. Their hormones have undergone drastic changes. and cause symptoms of anxiety panic attack Temporary depression and continually irritated

Facing perimenopause becomes a very difficult process for some women. But the operation A balanced diet and continuous, regular exercise.These symptoms will be slightly alleviated, making our quality of life much better. This will cause increased self-esteem and greater security within us.

Go see an expert gynecologist. It is also very useful when living through perimenopause. Because they will be the key to dealing with sudden changes in our lives in the best possible way. Putting ourselves in the hands of experts in the field can make our premenopause easier and more bearable.

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