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Do you work from home and sit in a chair in the office overtime? For this reason, many People have lower back pain, so let’s know how to reduce this pain.

After Covid, people’s lives are more sedentary. The trend of working from home is increasing. People stay in their homes all day, even though many go to their workplaces. They work while sitting in a chair and then return home in their car. After all, social media has completed all the work that it used to give people a little time for. But now social media has taken it away. Due to a sedentary lifestyle As a result, many people begin to have problems with their lower backs.

Back pain from sitting for too long is a common problem linked to joint mobility. Muscle strength and function and even breathing, so people who work from home should always maintain good posture while working.

Want to know more? We talked with Dr. Pramod Bohr, Director of Orthopedic Robotic Replacement Surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Vashi.

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How to prevent back pain from sitting for too long

1 bending, bending, posture

We are often taught not to bend over because it will create bad posture. But it is natural for the spine to curve and sometimes it can bend during work, such as looking at something while sitting on the bed. We cannot sit in the same position for a long time. The same is true on your computer desk or dining table. And you shouldn’t sit in one position for a long time. There is no need to raise your shoulders and keep everything straight. This makes your neck and lower back muscles work harder to keep everything in place.

You should focus on getting out of the office every 30 minutes and walking around. This will keep your spine straight. Take breaks of at least five minutes to stretch. This way you won’t have to sit in one position for a long time.

Take care of laptop accessories

If you still use the laptop’s touchpad It is important to consider purchasing the keyboard, mouse, and lap desk separately. When using these devices You can sit up straight instead of bending over your laptop. It also gives you the opportunity to step back a bit and change your position.

3 Strengthen your core

Training your core muscles helps support your body while sitting. A strong core can support your spine. Helps reduce stress on spinal discs and joints. A study conducted on 30 participants with low back pain. It was found that pain and fatigue in trunk muscles decreased during sedentary work. After a five week core strengthening program

Causes of back pain
Some small activities can quickly lead to back pain. Image: AdobeStock

Make 4 small movements.

If unable to take regular breaks Small movements in the chair may help. If you feel tired or don’t have time to move Push-ups from a chair can help relieve pressure and pain. Grab the sides of the seat. Then stretch your arms out to gently Lift your legs off the chair. When your feet are on the ground You should only hold this position for a few seconds.

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5 Consider your sitting habits.

While sitting, pay attention to your posture from time to time. Are you constantly cross-legged? Do you sit on one leg? Do you lean to one side? Is it painful? These can be signs that you should change or pay attention to your posture. If you have severe lower back pain You should consult a doctor.

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