Know how morning exercise helps in weight loss. Know how morning exercise helps in weight loss.

We generally choose a time to exercise in the morning. Due to lack of time, we exercised at other times of the day as well. Sometimes when there is a trend to lose weight We will spend time in the evening or at night. Research reveals morning is the best time to exercise. If you exercise during this period, it will help you lose weight. (Morning Exercise for Weight Loss) Do you know what research and experts say about morning exercise?

What does the research say? (Exercise in the morning to lose weight)

Research published in the Obesity Journal indicates that exercising in the morning can help you lose weight. Activities performed between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM are most effective. If anyone chooses to exercise in the morning before eating. You may also lose more weight than exercising at other times of the day. The survey was conducted over two years at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. By studying exercise behavior Eating and the lives of more than 5,200 adults who are at least 20 years old.

BMI decreased (effect on body mass index)

People in the study wore accelerometers to measure their activity levels. According to the data, those who exercised moderately to vigorously in the morning had a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who exercised in the afternoon or evening. People who exercise moderately to vigorously in the morning live a decade longer than those who exercise later in the day.

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Tone the body by exercising on the wall.
Morning exercise affects body mass index. Image – Adobe Stock

Molecular clocks may be responsible. (Molecular clock for weight loss)

There are many reasons that encourage exercising in the morning. If anyone exercises first thing in the morning. They usually exercise every day. The body’s biological or molecular clock may also be a reason. This is why exercising in the morning can help you lose weight. Every cell in the body Especially the muscles There is a molecular clock that triggers certain physiological functions. Including how to burn body fat at different times of the day.

Exercise can reset this clock. It can be brought back to a normal rhythm. This will benefit metabolic health.

Helps in burning fat (Active Metabolism for Weight Loss)

Exercising in the morning, especially before eating, also helps your body burn fat. The person is fasting while sleeping. Exercising before breakfast can help your body burn fat instead of carbohydrates. The benefits of exercise last for several hours after completion. After heavy exercise Our metabolism will never return to baseline. But there will be a little more enthusiasm. This results in a high metabolic rate for most of the day. (Exercise in the morning to lose weight)

Morning exercise reduces fat.
Exercising in the morning, especially before eating, can also help your body burn fat. Image – Adobe Stock

It is important to pay attention to food. (Healthy food for weight loss)

Researchers say that in reducing weight along with exercise. Eating a healthy diet is also important. A healthy lifestyle is the most important thing. Because in addition to reducing fat It is also important to keep your muscles strong. If morning exercise doesn’t fit into each person’s schedule Well, don’t worry too much. The morning is best for people who exercise regularly. If a person exercises irregularly, they should develop a habit of exercising in the morning to lose weight regularly.

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