Who knows how to take three things off a child’s plate? It’s important to take three things off your child’s plate.

Children’s good eating habits Helps in personality development Removing certain foods from a child’s plate is healthy. Know the 3 important food items that need to be taken off your child’s plate.

Parents and families want to improve their children’s eating habits. It takes time to change habits. Habits form more easily when changes are made together as a family. To help families improve their eating habits They have to choose specific foods that are delicious but dangerous. We must try not to include such substances in the child’s diet. Let us know which food items should not be included. (unhealthy food for children)

Why is it important to remove unhealthy foods from your child’s plate?

Pediatrician Dr Ajay Prakash explains, ‘It is important to develop good eating habits in children. This not only helps in the personality development of children. But it also helps develop the mind. Healthy food can also improve your mood. It also helps children feel good and maintain a normal weight. and have plenty of energy to play

Here are three foods that should be removed from your child’s plate:

1 jam and jelly

Pediatrician Dr Ajay Prakash said, ‘Removing jam immediately from a child’s plate is not appropriate.’ It is rich in sugar. If you decide to include jam in your baby’s diet. The best way is to give it occasionally. Definitely no more than once a day. It has a very high sugar content.

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In the same way Jelly may be safe for older children and adults. The lives of young children can also be in danger. Jelly still has a lot of sugar. They are made from fruit juice. But jams and jellies contain a lot of added sugar or artificial sugar. Too much sugar can cause high blood sugar levels and increase cholesterol levels.

How healthy is eating jam?
Jam is rich in sugar. Image: Adobe Stock

2 Unhealthy Mayonnaise

Eating too much mayonnaise can lead to high blood pressure. Mayonnaise is actually very high in omega-6 fatty acids. This can cause blood pressure to increase. Consuming too much mayonnaise also increases the risk of diseases such as heart attack and stroke. (unhealthy food for children)
Mayonnaise is high in saturated fat. This does not mean that they should be banned for life. When eaten in very small amounts, it can be part of a healthy diet. If you’re trying to cut calories and still use mayonnaise. There are many lightweight and low-fat varieties available in the market.

3 ketchup

We all know that besides salt A lot of sugar is also added to ketchup. So if you are looking for something healthy, you might not like this. Also, if you add a little tomato ketchup to your child’s food. There is no doubt that green vegetables are delicious to children. It is important to be careful when purchasing. Includes branded ketchup.

There is little sodium in the blood.
In addition to salt A lot of sugar is also added to ketchup. Image: Adobe Stock

Different brands may contain significantly different additive ingredients. (Unhealthy food for children) Ketchup is especially beneficial as part of a child’s overall diverse diet. When choosing to buy ketchup Look for brands that don’t have added sodium or sugar. (or other sweeteners) in small or minimal amounts

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