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People suffering from depression are unable to live a normal life due to many clear symptoms.

Experts warn that those most likely to suffer from depression are those with little time and They try to achieve more than they actually can.Because of this, mental illnesses such as depression are more common in women than in men.

It is not easy to combine work with being a housewife.There are many factors that can trigger depression in an individual, such as being fired from a job or breaking up with a partner. However, there are also many other factors that can alter the proper functioning of the brain.

Main causes of depression

Until a few years ago, it was believed that a lack of serotonin was involved in brain function. It is the main cause of depression.In addition, a number of specific medications used to treat depression are not effective.

These days, many people feel depressed. But in reality They are sad and disillusioned with life.

Several studies have indicated that brain inflammation may be a major cause of the aforementioned depression. The number of nerve cells decreases and communication between them is poor..

Many people don’t know how to differentiate between sadness and depression. The truth is that the line between the two states is quite fine. cause confusion You also need to know what you have. To start the best treatment.

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How to distinguish sadness from depression

Today there are many people who feel depressed. When in reality they are sad and disillusioned with life.Depression is quite serious as it is a mental illness that needs to be treated as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems.

We must begin by saying that although sadness is a fairly obvious symptom of depression, They are not synonyms.It’s normal to feel sad about certain events, such as losing a loved one or losing a job.

Sadness is often temporary and It will not cause sudden changes in the brain.It is true that in many cases Sadness is often the beginning of depression. Sadness is combined with other factors, such as high levels of stress or little support from people. It can cause the person to experience depression.

What can cause a bad mood?

If you can easily identify the reasons why you are discouraged and want to do something, It is possible that what you are suffering from is an episode of grief. In many cases, experts on the subject talk about concealed depression.This occurs when physical symptoms outweigh other types of symptoms.

People suffering from depression are unable to live a normal life due to many clear symptoms.People suffering from depression are unable to live a normal life due to many clear symptoms.

Therefore, a person who has a lot of headaches may be quite irritated but not sad.

Signs that you are depressed

People suffering from depression are unable to live a normal life due to many clear symptoms. You can talk about depression if the person has it. for at least two weeks.

  • You don’t enjoy anything. Whether it’s family or work.
  • The person loses weight or gains weight rapidly.
  • Have some problems when sleeping
  • Lack of energy throughout the day
  • Lack of ability to concentrate
  • Thinking about suicide every moment
  • He didn’t feel happy about anything.
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Because of this, the person must see a doctor quickly to receive a diagnosis and begin treatment that helps them overcome such mental problems. as you have seen Being sad from time to time is not the same as being depressed..

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