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If you have noticed that you have gained weight during quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Control your diet and eat less!

Being quarantined at home for many days has made many people fear they will gain a lot of weight..At first this may be normal due to much less exercise and less energy expenditure. For this reason it is recommended to eat as balanced a diet as possible. And forget to eat foods that are too high in calories, such as fried food and industrial baked goods. or alcoholic beverages It can be quite complicated at first. But by following a number of tips and guidelines, you can forget about excessive weight gain during these quarantine days.

Importance of Fasting

When it comes to avoiding breakfast, many people might raise their hands. Nutritionists say that fasting allows you to flush out toxins from the body and control your weight and not add kilograms. During this fast You can drink coffee, tea, and other low-calorie beverages..

Being quarantined at home for many days has made many people fear they will gain a lot of weight.

You can try not eating breakfast about three days a week. And avoid eating as many calories as possible throughout the week. If you were braver than this You can choose to fast one day a week.

Add oatmeal to the diet.

The problem with eating more throughout quarantine comes from the fact that we have strong appetites at all times of the day.. That’s why it’s important to include high-fiber foods in your diet to help alleviate fullness. One of the recommended foods is oatmeal. So feel free to eat a bowl of oatmeal in the morning with some milk or yogurt and some nuts.

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Eat vegetables

As expected, if you limit your intake of high-calorie foods. Your weight will not increase much. You should discard all ultra-processed products. and choose to eat more healthful foods, such as vegetables

They are highly nutritious and rich in fiber. Therefore, they can quickly relieve your appetite.Moreover, it is very low in calories so it should become a staple food during quarantine along with fruits.

Drink lots of water

Drinking water is essential for keeping the body perfectly hydrated.Drinking about two liters of water per day will help alleviate fullness and prevent you from snacking more than necessary at certain times of the day.

Eat less food

Being at home 24 hours a day causes the body to use much less energy than a normal day.. That is the reason to avoid weight gain. It is recommended to reduce your daily caloric intake. This means eating a lot less.

Foods rich in fiber must be present in the diet.Foods rich in fiber must be present in the diet.

It can be difficult at first. But with awareness it can be achieved. You have to be very picky about your food. And as we’ve said before, you need to fast two to three times a week.

Foods rich in fiber should be present in the diet as they are the best when it comes to appetite suppression.Always remember to eat foods that are high in sugar. And eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Snacking between meals is another temptation you should avoid at all times. This is because they represent unnecessary calories for your body.

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It’s not easy being stuck at home for several days and eating less food than usual.However, everyone should make an effort to avoid excessive weight gain. In addition to eating as healthy as possible. It is also very important to exercise at home and burn as many calories as possible.

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