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There are many vegetables, seeds, and grains that contain a lot of protein that you can eat.

Vegetarians and vegans are often asked where we get our protein if we don’t eat meat. And while it is true that there is more to know about vegetarian diets and products of plant origin and their benefits, There are still people who think that plant-based diets do not provide the necessary amount of protein that we should consume per day. This is completely wrong as it has been proven. Animal proteins can be perfectly replaced with plant proteins..

Previously, when people tried to eat foods that were high in protein, They will almost immediately turn to eating meat. However, many types of meat they eat contain a lot of fat, which is not healthy because it builds up cholesterol. Can cause us to have cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, non-animal proteins are healthier as they do not carry these types of risks.

There are many vegetables, seeds, and grains that contain large amounts of protein.

There are many vegetables, seeds, and grains that contain large amounts of protein. This makes it the most recommended option for people who don’t want to continue eating meat or want to reduce their consumption. Below, we’ll list some of these foods so you can make them yourself. A full-flavored menu with non-animal protein..


Quinoa is one of the essential grains in a vegetarian diet and is considered a “super grain.” Why? Not only does it provide a lot of protein. But it also has benefits for our health.Quinoa is a good substitute for rice. And you can mix it with traditional dishes like lentils, chickpeas or salads, and you can also cook with vegetables and even prepare the famous Lebanese dish Tabbouleh.

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mushrooms and mushrooms

Mushrooms and mushrooms have a high protein content and also Very little fatIt is a highly nutritious food that we can easily incorporate into our diet as it is easy to prepare and has many ingredients. You can add it to stews, in pasta dishes, on rice, on pizza, in stir-fries, in scrambled eggs, etc.


Soy is one of the highest quality non-animal protein sources. And when protein contains the 8 essential amino acids, it is easier for the body to absorb. So we can get all the features more easily. The biological quality of soybean is 0.91, almost equal to the biological quality of beef 0.92. In addition, Soybeans are the most protein-rich legume. (37% of dry weight)

Like soybeans, tofu is a good source of protein.Like soybeans, tofu is a good source of protein.

This food is versatile in preparation. The good thing is that you can buy it in almost every supermarket. You can use it to make “minced meat” for pasta, cannelloni, lasagna. Or you can make the dough and make vegetarian meatballs, nuggets, or burgers. Similarly, the soybean pods that are very famous in Asia and you may also know as edamame are very healthy and are served with meals or even eaten as snacks.


Tofu is like soybeans. It is a good source of protein and contains all 8 essential amino acids. It is a good source of iron, calcium and minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus. 100 grams of tofu has approximately 9 grams of protein. This means that a person weighing approximately 60 kilograms would need only 96 grams of protein per day, so we can use this food to supplement our diet.

Even if tofu is true Cooking is more difficult This is mainly because it has been marinated in advance so it will have some flavor. Makes it possible to enjoy a variety of foods. Because you can use it as a “meat” steak with vegetables, rice or potatoes, you can also make stews with it, nuggets, hamburgers. and everything according to your imagination

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Seton is called vegetable meat Because they have a similar texture and taste and contain a lot of protein. It consists of approximately 24% of the total weight is protein., is food that is easily digested It is low in fat and calories. Although this product is more difficult to find in supermarkets than the previous two products, And it is common to buy them in herbal pharmacies or prepare them at home. Seitan is one of the most popular dishes for vegetarians and vegans.

A combination of legumes and grains

Incorporating legumes and cereals into your diet gives us all the essential amino acids of protein. Additionally, when using seeds such as chickpeas and chia seeds, We can easily get all the necessary protein that we need to consume per day. and make a menu that is rich in complete protein Some of the foods you can prepare are: Lentil Rice, Lentil Stew with Rice, Quinoa with Lentils, Lentil Salad with Quinoa A. Salad with chickpeas and quinoa etc… has many ingredients. You just have to look at the food you like. And always remember to combine legumes with cereals.

Example of a complete menu that is high in non-animal protein.

Quinoa is one of the essential grains in a vegetarian diet.Quinoa is one of the essential grains in a vegetarian diet.
  • breakfast : If you want to start a new morning. You can drink coffee or vegetable milk that is rich in protein and Oatmeal porridge with fruit, chia seeds, and nutsIn this meal, most of the non-animal protein comes from chia seeds.
  • noon : Soybean pods or Edamame. This food is pure protein that does not come from animals.
  • potion : Lentils served with rice or quinoa.
  • snack : Fruit smoothie with milk, vegetables and chia seeds.
  • dinner : Seitan or grilled tofu with stir-fried vegetables and mushrooms.
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This is a complete menu that is not only healthy and natural. But it also provides plenty of protein in every meal. All foods contain minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. That’s a lot you need to eat throughout the day.Similarly, it is a menu that provides a lot of energy, does not make you hungry and can be eaten with more fruit salads or change some ingredients for others that you like more. In the same way If you are a vegetarian and eat eggs even if you do not eat meat or fish. You can include these eggs in your menu and add more protein. Even though it’s not necessary.

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