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Exercise your stomach with a fitball.| healthcareonline

Learn how to incorporate abdominal exercises into this important component of your exercise routine. In addition to adjusting the color You also get balance.

Fitball has become Necessary accessories for our exercise routine And for those who don’t know This supplement will help you with any type of exercise. Both to strengthen muscles and help maintain body posture. is the best. Although this ball was originally invented for training the nervous system in patients, But gradually its function changed until it was in the gym. The secret to why Fitballs are so essential for exercise is due to the material and production method. It is round and covered with air. Anti-slip material This will help you practice your exercises. They can also be found in different sizes depending on the height of the person so as not to cause discomfort when practicing exercises.

This ball is filled with air and lined with non-slip material.This ball is filled with air and lined with non-slip material.

Now we know more about what this supplement is like. We will explain what type of exercise this supplement is most often used for. Fitball is recommended above all else. Exercise to tighten musclesAnd it’s mainly used for both the butt and abs. Plus, if you add this to your daily sports routine, You will be able to see how you can greatly improve your concentration and stability over time. The parts that work well with this element are absYou can also perform different exercises with different postures that in addition to working that part of the body. Balance and flexibility are also used. But what are these exercises?

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Strengthen your abdominal muscles with a fitness ball.

Stomp on the stomach

This exercise involves sitting on a ball. Place your legs at shoulder height and your knees in a straight line. Once the position is established, we will walk forward and lean back until the lower back is supported by a fitball. At this point we will proceed. body movement slightly It is as if we are doing push-ups and tightening our stomachs. You can add your arms to this pose. To be able to stretch and move with the body

You will lift your body like you would do a sit-up.You will lift your body like you would do a sit-up.

oblique exercise

This time we will lie on our side and support ourselves diagonally on the ball. The posture of the legs and arms is also important on this occasion. If we support a right oblique position, we will straighten our right leg while crossing and bending it. Conversely, we will extend our right arm until it touches the floor. The left arm is placed behind the head like when doing a push-up. Once the pose is achieved then do the exercises. It consists of pressing with the hands on the head. body downuntil the chest is fully extended and returns to the starting position.

lower abdomen

This exercise is often used in Pilates classes because it also emphasizes flexibility. This exercise can be done in two ways. By bending your legs or extending your legs. In leg stretching exercises We had to lie down on the mat and place a fit ball between our feet. Next we catch the ball with our feet and We will lift them with the ball as much as possible..To lower the ball We will try to prevent the ball from touching the ground. The shape of the bent leg is the same, the only thing that changes is that the leg will be at an angle of 90 degrees with the calf resting on the ball.

In this exercise The position of the legs can be in two ways.In this exercise The position of the legs can be in two ways.


This time the body will lie on top of the ball and we will walk until it is under our feet. Hands will be placed on the floor and shoulder-width apart. When the pose is completed The legs will move. drag the ball Move forward until you contract your body as much as possible and then return to the starting position.

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mountain climber

A fitball can be added to a climber’s general workout. To do this, you need to place your elbows on the ball and straighten your legs. Remember not to hunch over and stay upright. Next we will continue with the exercise. Bend one leg at a time. until the knee hits the ball The secret to making exercise better is: The further apart we place our feet, The more concentrated the abdomen will be.

A fitball can be added to this exercise.A fitball can be added to this exercise.

body rotation

You should place your back on the fitball and your feet flat on the floor with your legs bent at a 90-degree angle, then lift your arms up. Place your palms together and You will rotate your upper body. from one side to the other This abdominal exercise can be done by holding a ball in your hands while rotating.

As you can see There are many exercises you can add to this add-on. And of course, there will be many more exercises added as time goes on. With each exercise you do, you will have Tighten the abdominal muscles To make these things more effective

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