For an active and happy life, you need to pay attention to your leg strength. Strengthen them with these 4 exercises.

Due to the rapidly changing way of life As a result, people face problems with leg pain, stiffness, and cramps as they age. Most people choose exercise with belly fat in mind. But they are not interested in increasing their leg strength. Because of this, the weakness of the muscles increases and the strength of the body begins to decrease. In this situation To strengthen leg muscles Certain exercises must be done daily to strengthen the legs. This makes the muscles of the body stronger. Know the causes and ways to increase leg strength. (Tips for increasing leg strength)

Why is leg strength important?

According to NIH research, the body’s largest muscles are in the legs. which is divided into two parts One is the upper leg, i.e. above the knee, and the other is the lower leg, i.e. below the knee. Most of the upper leg muscles consist of the hip muscles. quadriceps muscle and the Achilles tendon, which is the part that holds the thigh bone in place.

While the gastrocnemius and tibialis are considered among the main muscles of the lower body. With their help They are responsible for moving the ankles and feet. Being strong makes it easier to walk, turn, bend, run and play. due to muscle weakness The balance of the body becomes unbalanced.

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Leg exercises reduce fat.
These 4 leg exercises will help tone your legs. Image – Adobe Stock

How to increase leg strength

In this regard, fitness expert Randhawa says leg muscles can be strengthened by walking for a period of time throughout the day. Additionally, certain resistance exercises such as squats, lunges and leg curls also help. Strengthens leg muscles as well. Yoga, aerobics and dancing are also essential exercises. Leg strength can also be built by playing sports such as basketball and football.

It is very important to strengthen the leg muscles along with the upper body during exercise. Besides walking Swimming also strengthens your thighs, knees, and calf muscles. This reduces the risk of leg injury and increases leg flexibility. This helps relieve leg cramps and other problems. including knee pain

Incorporate these exercises into your routine.

1. Leg lifting exercise

Lie on your back on the mat. Now place both your hands on the floor.

Afterward, raise your legs to 90 degrees and avoid bending your knees.

Now slowly lower your leg, but avoid touching the floor and keep it slightly off the floor for some time.

Then lift your legs again and pull your stomach inward.

After remaining in this position for 1 to 2 minutes, lower your legs.

This exercise will make your leg and abdominal muscles start to get stronger.

Leg raises help in losing weight.
Lifting your legs puts pressure on your lower abdominal muscles. This helps strengthen and tone your core. Image: Shutter Stock

2. Jump lunge exercise

To do this Stand straight on the mat and maintain distance between your legs.

Now sit on your knees and take your left leg behind you. In the meantime, keep your waist straight.

Now move your right leg forward and plant your foot firmly on the ground. Touch your right knee to the floor.

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Bring both hands in front of your chest and interlace your fingers together.

After remaining in this position for 30 seconds, move your other leg back.

3. Jumping Jack Exercise

To increase muscle strength Jumping jacks must be included in the routine.

for this Stand up straight and straighten your spine. Keep distance between your feet.

Extend both arms from the elbows and close to the body.

Now open your arms and spread your legs apart and then come together.

Move your legs in opposite directions and swing your arms in the air.

Repeat this activity 15 to 20 times. Due to this, the tightness in the leg muscles begins to disappear.

jumping jacks for thighs
Fly jumping can reduce your thigh fat. Image – Adobe Stock

4. Squat

Doing squats not only makes your muscles stronger. But it can also burn fat that accumulates in the legs.

By opening both legs and removing the toes.

Now try to sit like a chair with your hands together and your knees bent.

During this time, keep your hips from touching the floor and try to bend your body down.

Do this exercise according to your body’s strength and practice regularly.

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