Here are the names of underrated winter superfoods – Know the names of underrated winter superfoods here.

In this trend of fancy food The quality of nutritious superfoods lags behind. We’re telling you about an underrated winter superfood.

Everyone loves winter as this season brings a lot of delicious food along with various festivals. There are many special superfoods that are only available in winter. You all probably know the names of many foods, but there are some winter superfoods that people tend to overlook. These food items are still underrated. The main reason why people lack information about the nutritional value of these food items.

So let us know today with Health Shots, the name of this underrated food item. Consuming them can help you maintain your overall health in winter. Poonam Duneja, Director of Nutrify by Poonam Diet and Wellness Clinic and Academy, explains the benefits of some superfoods. So please let us know what are these Underrated Winter Superfoods and how can they be beneficial for health.

Know the names of underrated winter superfoods here (Winter Superfoods).

1. Turnip

Turnips are a wonderful winter food. which is rich in many important nutrients Contains a lot of vitamin C and vitamin K. Vitamin C boosts immunity and increases the absorption of iron in the body. Vitamin K prevents blood clotting and maintains bone health.

Turnip recipe
Due to the low glycemic index Therefore, it is beneficial to both prediabetic and diabetic patients. Image: Shutterstock

Turnips are also rich in fiber and have a limited calorie content. Which makes it very special for weight loss. When consumed The person will feel full for a long time and will not feel hungry again and again.

Not only this The fiber in beets also works effectively in digestion and promotes gut bacteria. It helps prevent constipation in winter and also increases the growth of turmeric bacteria in the intestines. at the same time Antioxidants such as vitamin C and other phytonutrients Contained in it helps prevent cell damage caused by free radicals.

Incorporating turnips into your diet You can maintain your potassium intake. So that blood pressure levels remain healthy and normal. Meanwhile Foods high in potassium reduce the risk of heart problems.

Benefits of Gond Cater
Chewing gum has many medicinal properties. Image – Adobe Stock

2. Glue

Chewing gum is a natural gum that is obtained from the bark of a tree called astragalus. Popularly consumed in India and other countries. In Asia to provide optimum health benefits, Gond Katira has cooling and soothing properties. which is beneficial to the digestive system

It is often used to treat conditions such as diarrhea, constipation and bloating. Gum has also been shown to relieve urinary tract and respiratory problems. Antioxidants are found in gums which help in strengthening your immune system. Strong immunity protects against winter infections.

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Moreover, chewing gum is rich in carbohydrates, which can provide energy to your body and help it remain active even in winter. The dietary fiber in the diet also helps maintain blood sugar levels. Therefore, diabetics can make fiber a part of their diet.

It is recommended to consume Gond Katira in winters as it has a warming effect on the body. It is also known as a winter superfood during the winter. Our metabolism slows down. Therefore, consuming gum provides heat and energy to the body. It also helps in preventing common ailments such as coughs and colds.

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green garlic
Sulfur-containing nutrients found in green garlic. Image: Shutterstock.

3. Green garlic

green garlic Also known as Spring Garlic, it is garlic that is not yet fully ripe. When you remove garlic from the ground before the cloves form, you get Spring Garlic. It’s the ultimate food found in the winter and has… The flavor is great, as is the amazing flavor of green garlic.

An antioxidant called allicin is found in garlic. It is an active ingredient that helps you control cold, cough, and flu symptoms. along with reducing cholesterol and inflammation levels

The antioxidants present in spring garlic help reverse cell damage caused by oxidative stress while enhancing immunity. In addition, the allicin substances contained in garlic can also limit the risk of dangerous diseases such as cancer.

You can add it to a variety of dishes along with salads, raita, chutneys and vegetables. Its use also adds nutritional value to a variety of dishes. Make the food more special Drinking soup made from scallions in winter can have a positive effect on your health.

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