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What types of antihistamines are there? And how are they different?| healthcareonline

Antihistamines are used for allergies. But it is also used for other conditions.

Most of us know antihistamines as medicines used to treat and relieve the symptoms of the allergic process. This drug, as its name indicates, Acts as a blocker to the effects caused by histamine.It is a substance that we produce naturally in our bodies, but we also find it in plants, bacteria, and in insect venom.

Histamine is also the main cause of all symptoms associated with most allergies. Such as stuffy nose, eye irritation, and sneezing caused by allergens to which we are sensitive. In the same way Histamine interferes with our hunger sensations, our sleep rhythms, keeps us awake, or responds to the presence of foreign substances in the body. It acts as a neurotransmitter between nerve cells and regulates Secretion of gastric acid in the body. systems between other physiological processes

Therefore, we will not only use antihistamines as antihistamines. But it also exists in Anti-nausea medicine for dizziness, in common decongestants for the common cold, for skin rashes, mosquito bites, and even in medications indicated for occasional insomnia. It depends on the condition that needs to be treated. We can find it in the form of tablets, eye drops, creams, nasal sprays, and injections.

Some antihistamines can cause drowsiness.

How do antihistamines work?

To better understand how this medicine works in our body and what types we can encounter. It is important to know how histamine behaves.

Histamine causes effects on our body. It binds to one of three types of receptors found on cells.. When doing this Receptors send signals to cells to act and respond accordingly. For example, if it is a stomach cell. It responds to histamine by releasing stomach acid to aid in digestion. The same happens with a receptor called H2; The same thing happens in other cases. who have a nasal mucosa or a rash or itchy skin For H1 type receiver

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Antihistamines work by preventing histamine from binding to receptors. thus preventing allergic reactions.

What types of antihistamines are there?

Antihistamines can be treated in a number of ways, such as topical creams, eye drops, or systematically, such as tablets. Keep in mind that This medicine can help relieve allergy symptoms but it is not a solution and cannot cure us. It will not put an end to the root of our problems.

Antihistamines are divided basically into three groups or generations:

    1. First generation antihistamines or classic antihistamines : Also known as sedatives. They are the oldest. It is more widely used. and are not very selective in their action, that is, they penetrate the central nervous system. Stimulate and depress the nerves The direct result is Has a sedative effect, drowsinessand even appetite Many of its side effects are used as a treatment, such as relieving nausea and vomiting. Relieves runny nose, dizziness and treats occasional insomnia.

To maintain the effect, it is necessary to take it several times a day.

  1. Second-generation antihistamines or non-sedative antihistamines : They act more selectively than the first generation so as not to cause as much drowsiness. Another advantage they have is that In most cases The drug only needs to be taken once a day to maintain its relieving effects.
  2. Third generation antihistamines : Derived from the second generation, this is an “improved” version that can provide more relief from allergy symptoms and reduce adverse reactions.

What antihistamines can I find at the pharmacy?

We can take antihistamines continuously. To prevent annoying symptoms from occurring When we begin to show symptoms or take precautions in a timely manner, that is, we take action before coming into contact with the allergens to which we are sensitive.

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Although there are antihistamines sold in pharmacies without a prescription. We always recommend consulting your doctor or pharmacist. The different types are most suitable for our symptoms. And especially if we are receiving treatment or medication for other problems.

Antihistamines that we can find First versionAs we have explained, due to its side effects it is used to treat symptoms other than those caused by allergies and we must be especially careful when taking it if we will be driving or doing any activity with machinery. Because they can cause drowsiness are:

  • Polaramine : together with dexchlorpheniramineand comes in various forms It depends on our allergies. It will help relieve symptoms of conjunctivitis caused by allergies, rashes, or rhinitis.
  • Atarax : which contains active ingredients HydroxyzineAnd it will help us in case of anxiety attacks (in adults) and will relieve us from the annoying effects of hives.
  • Actithiol : together with CarbocysteineIt is a phlegm solution that will help us stop nasal congestion.
  • A dreamer or a sleeper? : which has active ingredients diphenhydramine both Xelamine flowers respectively, which will help us with our occasional insomnia. It’s not addictive. But the body gets used to it quickly. And when used often It is easy for them to stop affecting us.
  • Biodramine 🙁 dimenhydrinate ) to treat dizziness while traveling and vertigo. This is because it reduces the inner ear’s ability to detect movement. It is recommended to spend half an hour before the start of the trip.
  • Azaron 🙁 tripelenamine ) Used to relieve itching and burning caused by insect bites.

Many cold medicines are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, such as frenadol, decenfriol, cagina or aspirin complex. They contain first-generation antihistamines for their effectiveness in relieving congestion and sneezing.

These medicines can relieve symptoms that are not related to allergies.These medicines can relieve symptoms that are not related to allergies.

Regarding the topic of antihistamines Second generationIn general, The feeling of sleep is much less than the first model. This is because they are more selective in their actions. Some of the most used are:

  • Cetirizineunder the trade name VerlixThis will help us with nasal congestion and conjunctivitis caused by allergies or SitecIn addition to relieving the original symptoms, it also helps relieve hives.
  • Loratadine : To relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis and hives.
  • EbastinaSold under the name EbastelWhich, like the previous one, will help us with allergic rhinitis and dermatitis and chronic urticaria.
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For third generation medicines which give us a better guarantee of not suffering from the related side effects. So we can deal with it calmly even if we are driving. The following stand out:

  • Areaswhich includes desloratadine, This helps us fight the effects of allergic rhinitis.
  • SasalIn this case, it is its active ingredient. LevocetirizineIn addition to helping us with allergic rhinitis, it also relieves chronic urticaria.

If we need to take antihistamines and don’t have them yet. You have an interest in ensuring that its effects are not enhanced by alcohol consumption.We have two safe options:

  • Areas (desloratadine), which, as we have seen, is used to treat allergic rhinitis and urticaria.
  • bilaxtane (Bilastine) relieves symptoms of hives and conjunctivitis, that is, when in addition to nasal congestion Allergies can also cause irritation, watery eyes, and red eyes.

If you need antihistamines But no prescriptionWe can choose between these two drugs:

  • ReactineIt contains cetirizine and is used to treat allergies and as a nasal decongestant.
  • claritine (Loratadine) relieves allergy symptoms that cause rhinitis.

Whenever we need to use antihistamines We recommend consulting your doctor or pharmacist. Especially if we are pregnant. It is a treatment for children. We are taking another medicine. or we need to avoid its sedative effects. In addition, It is necessary to read the leaflet and respect the dosage. and recommended schedule for best results.

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