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What to eat to avoid weight gain during coronavirus quarantine | health care online

Given the confinement situation where movement is restricted to different rooms of the house, we must control our diet and not overdo it.

The aim is to stop the famous ‘curve’ of coronavirus expansion. This caused the Spanish government to set a state of alert from March 14th. This warning status Incarcerating millions of people Domestic – spread to various countries In the world more and more As the virus spreads – and days at home can be difficult due to the many challenges we’re facing: how to keep the kids entertained, what movies to watch? Watch to end boredom? Here are some of the foods that should be followed to avoid weight gain during quarantine..

The importance of making a menu

First of all, it must be taken into account that We must continue to eat healthy during these days of confinement. Because our exercise will be noticeably reduced. Exercise is very important. During quarantine Because in addition to helping you not be fat. It can also help you encounter fateful situations where we lose our minds.

Additionally, maintaining the same daily routine as you did before quarantine will help you keep from gaining weight as your body won’t adjust to doing nothing. But without a doubt Eating a healthy, balanced diet is the best way to go. So that no more than a few kilograms of weight appear on the scale. It is very important that you do not overeat as we do not have enough exercise to burn them off “easily”. It’s okay to indulge yourself. Sometimes, but don’t fall into the routine of eating too much ultra-processed food every day. This will be your best ally.

Creating a menu will help you have a balanced diet.Creating a menu will help you have a balanced diet.

Healthy eating is not a diet.So we have two options: Weaken the immune system. and ended this quarantine in a bad mood. and an additional 5 kilograms of weight, according to experts On average All Spaniards gain weight. Or strengthen our immune system and receive good things. From all of this It would be better to stay with the second option. It is essential to know what foods to eat during this quarantine. To avoid weight gain Because as we all know, weight gain is one of the risks of confinement if one does not follow a healthy lifestyle by eating 5 meals a day, avoiding snacking and so on. This is very difficult when spending many hours at home.

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To do this, there are also healthy, satiating foods, that is, foods that fill us up. that helps eliminate our hunger relieves our appetite And avoid eating harmful snacks between meals. that has called us many things during confinement We have to consider this in addition to not gaining weight. In order not to go hungry, we have to go to the supermarket in a staggered manner and leave the house as little as possible, fulfilling our obligations as citizens.

Essential foods in your diet

The key to avoiding weight gain during confinement is: Weekly menu planning and exercise At least one hour a day You need to plan the menu. To avoid unhealthy food and keep food organized. Some of the foods you can’t miss are the following:

It is very important to eat everything.It is very important to eat everything.
  • Vegetables and vegetables are important.Hey, it’s the basis of a healthy diet because not only is it good for your health, but it also fills you up because it has a lot of fiber. For example, if we eat pasta, we can eat it with a moderate amount of vegetables and/or vegetables, such as zucchini and onions. , bitter…
  • something Legumes are very important for our diet.Due to nutritional recommendations It is necessary to eat legumes three times a week. It doesn’t have to be in the stew spoon. But you can add a handful of lentils or chickpeas to our salad. This type of food is very filling due to its high fiber content. Additionally, it is recommended to consume whole grains and pasta due to their high fiber content. This will make us feel more satisfied.
  • Other foods that will greatly satisfy our hunger are fruits. It is important to eat 2 or 3 pieces of fruit per day. And try to eat 5 servings of vegetables, fruits, and green leafy vegetables per day as recommended. Before eating sugary snacks You should eat fruits which will replenish your natural sugars. Apples are one of the most filling foods.
  • Something else, no doubt. The healthiest and most satisfying product is nuts.Yes, as long as they are unsalted raw or roasted nuts. These foods are always beneficial and can be eaten between meals to alleviate hunger pangs that may occur from time to time. It is a high-fiber food and an important product in the Mediterranean diet.
  • Finally we found proteinIt is necessary to take them to every meal and every dinner. Products such as Eggs, white meat, fish, or tofuIn the case of vegetarians In addition to being the key to our diet They also help keep us from feeling hungry and consuming ultra-processed products and extra sugar.
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But every healthy diet depends on good hydration. It is recommended to drink between 1.5 liters and 2 liters of water. per day, as thirst can sometimes be confused with hunger. Additionally, and as you may have noticed, staying at home can make your skin drier. Therefore, drinking water is important. Hydrate your body from within. But also outside..

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